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Posted by on Dec 29, 2012 in Guest Contributor, Politics | 8 comments

With A Bang or a Whimper?

The 112th Congress has been an embarrassment. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent (or whatever), the spectacle of a congress so ideologically conflicted that they haven’t passed many more bills than their congressional number, and of THOSE, most are renaming public building bills.

q+a death tax

But they still talk about the “makers and the takers”? If these were employees, no tenure nor seniority would save them from being terminated. But, as they are the opposite of progress, they are the congress.

Obama To Congress: Come To A Deal – Or Else
Talking Points Memo

Following a meeting with congressional leaders at the White House on Friday, President Obama appeared before the press to urge all parties to take immediate action to reach a deal before a set of major tax increases and spending cuts kick in on Jan. 1….

Uh, yeah. President Obama continues to behave as though he were dealing with adults. 

Oh well.

Joking aside, we find ourselves faced with a dumbed-down, irresponsible philosophy that paralyzes a society that many Tea Partiers refuse to admit actually exists.

In a body, we call such cells a “cancer”: wildly sucking in nutrients without contributing to the general welfare of the organism.

In Washington D.C. we call such slackers a “congress.”

A party that has managed to filibuster itself. ‘Nuff said.

Perhaps if they could actually acknowledge “facts” and the “real world that we inhabit” some pragmatic response might be forthcoming.

But we’re talking about the 112th Congress here.

fiscal cliff notes

Since this illustration’s shelf-life is limited, 
might as well use it as much as I can … before the End…

Good luck with that.

But with the 113th Congress taking office January 3, the clock is ticking down on the worst Congress in American history. Certainly since the 19th Century.

Will this shameful, shameless batch of boobs go out with a bang, a whimper or another clueless tantrum in dealing with a ‘crisis’ that THEY THEMSELVES created?

Were their positions guns, they’d have no feet left.

Tick … tick … tick … tick ….


A writer, published author, novelist, literary critic and political observer for a quarter of a quarter-century more than a quarter-century, Hart Williams has lived in the American West for his entire life. Having grown up in Wyoming, Kansas and New Mexico, an honorary Texan, Clown (ditto) and a veteran of Hollywood, Mr. Williams currently lives in Oregon, along with an astonishing amount of pollen. He has a lively blog His Vorpal Sword. This is cross-posted from his blog

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