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Posted by on Mar 11, 2009 in Arts & Entertainment, Society | 3 comments

Why Japanese Television Rules

This was pointed out to me by my wife, but the stunning cultural relevance was so clear that I knew you would all want partake in this particular feast. In the United States, much criticism has been laid on reality television shows and contest formats. Rightly so! You can keep your Survivor, Amazing Race and Who Wants to Be the Next Celebrity Supermodel Top Chef. In Japan, television executives have solved the riddle and determined what it is that viewers truly need, want and deserve. That, of course, would be a contest to determine how heavy of a fish can be picked up and carried away by feral house cats.

How large can they go? 250 grams? 500 grams? A kilogram? I’ll warn you ahead of time, once you begin watching, you may not be able to stop. And allow me to just say in advance… you’re welcome.
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