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Posted by on Aug 17, 2015 in Guest Contributor | 24 comments

Why I like Jeb Bush (Guest Voice)

Why I like Jeb Bush
by Jordan Cooper
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Once people begin to start to look at the facts people they’ll be able to see unrequited truths: Jeb Bush was taught to be a man and stand up for bringing out the best in America as its leader. He could honestly boost any American’s life if he is in national public office. For too long already, the liberal media has tried to sketch Jeb as being too far to the right of the political spectrum — while the conservative media has tried to frame him as a liberal.

These portrayals make voters consider his politics as simply a road he is traveling, a mountain, or some type of navigational event that is making him seem out of place because of his public policy positions. One goal for opponents in the Republican primaries is to align him with Obama then we can mold the perception of him as being un-American or not loving America, which is unfounded on all levels. His opponents’ next goal is to cast him as an animated robot made by his family and insinuate that he tells untruths on purpose to the American people (i.e. Iraq War under 43 and taxes raised under 41). Next, his opponents would like to compare his upbringing to Romney to suggest that he had solidified outcomes rather than having to have had to rely on resilience and the ability to capitalize on opportunities.

All of these allusions are ill-suited.

To tell the truth, to be the package and a public servant that Americans will elect as president you can be considered to be at times on different ends of the political to do what is right for the American people. Jeb Bush has proven that he can make the hard choices for this using reason, justice, and even-handedness for all. For an example: signing off legislation to be hard on crime as governor, advocacy for the right to bear arms, making a education system for post-secondary opportunities for good students, and having strong convictions for the right to life.

He is able to accept being ‘politically incorrect’ to put his country before himself and remind voters that it is selflessness that makes great politician — not selfishness. In particular, he has spent time working with President Obama on education initiatives and with former. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton an award for public service. That is unusual for a presidential hopeful who is looking to appeal specifically to his own political party. Jeb is such a stand-up guy that he sees beyond ostensible ambitions. On another note, Jeb may sometimes sound astronomically like the last two GOP presidents. Is this a negative thing? I don’t think so.

Frankly, Jeb happens to be a politician who has a staunch conservative record like U.S. Senator Jim Demint, unquestionable Americanism like President Teddy Roosevelt , and a sincerity for those who have good things to offer this country regardless of partisanship — like the politicians of past days. Jeb is not a bit afraid of being Republican he just doesn’t want his ideologies all tied up and as a result be underutilized for America.

The presidential election is like a NASCAR race: you have strategies to take the lead, moments for repair, and instances when you need to gas up. Gov. Romney was damaged too badly in the primaries the last cycle before he was able to get a pit stop before the general election. Jeb just doesn’t want that to happen to him. The average politician is a good conversationalist. The good politicians are superb diplomats. Then, the greatest politicians are practical compromisers.

Jeb just as any other human being wants to be the best creation that he can be and he doesn’t want to hurt his political philosophy shuttle’s liftoff. Can you blame him? He’s more conservative than the conservative media is giving him credit for and more moderate than the liberal media is implying.

He had removed affirmative action in Florida during his gubernatorial tenure and installed faith-based programs to get incarcerated people back on their feet which are very conservative. Then, he favors a pathway for citizenship for inhabitants that love America and supports Florida Standards (Common Core) in education to keep us competitive globally — positions which aren’t usually considered right wing policies. Thus, he can be thought of as a conscious conservative and reasoned Republican. Moreover, the whole media is portraying him as something they have already seen before since his family has had previous public servants. That is inapplicable in his case. He has his own experiences to obtain his distinct perspectives: even Siamese twins have that. Why can’t Americans believe he is his own individual?

He cannot be defined by his affiliations in any way. His associations just describe the lessons he has learned that would be used to help him serve America. No voter — no matter how they feel about his relatives — can discredit the quality of the insight they have on the presidency of this country. It will bolster him well if voters can be forward-thinking, inward-looking, and nonjudgmental about the person who feels called to dedicate his time to this country. This is a noble and godly thing that Jeb is doing. It is up to American voters to see that just like any other citizen we have the choice of whether we would like to serve our community, state, or country. Some of us desire to be garbage collectors, fashion designers, truck drivers, doctors,lawyers, teachers, and you name it. That is the gift of America to be able to pick how you are going to live in this country.

This is not a monarchy in America. We are a republic. We have the privilege of choosing who represents us at all levels. It isn’t forced upon us. You can apply to be a public servant the same way you apply for other jobs in America. It is having the inclination in your heart to do the best that you can in whatever you do. And in this case the employer is the American people and we must honor each applicant based on their own track record. Not what their friends or family have done. Yet, we must not forget that Jeb is a God-fearing man, patriotic American, and the consummate family man. These qualities that he has can be used to unify America around what we value the most. That is supposed to be God, country, and family in that order.

Jeb’s calling to public office is not based on his family’s political aspirations. It is attributed to his self-initiation to want to work for the American people and his demonstrated ability to succeed in one of the largest and most diverse states in America. Anyone would be unwise to not desire to help more Americans put their hopes into fruition when having such a solid record in a state like Florida. American voters believing in another Bush is an inconvenient reality that can rescue our republic. Let Jeb be the best version of himself to make USA great again. Trusting Americans to see him as a human being who is explained by the totality of his personhood and what he plans to do for this country will be the key for him to win the election.

Jordan Cooper is a USC graduate who played football under Coach Steve Spurrier. He was the youngest African American to serve on a gubernatorial campaign staff at the age of 13 under then Congressman Bobby Jindal as his Co-Chair for Blacks for Jindal. He was the first African American to serve in the Gov. and Lt. Gov’s offices in S.C. as a Constituent Correspondent and Special Assistant respectively (Haley/Bauer). He was also the youngest to serve in on a GOP presidential campaign staff in America and youngest black Co-Chair of a Congressional campaign (Bauer for Congress 2012). More recently, he has been working with Jeb Bush’s youth outreach campaign and at their request has submitted several policy and speech ideas for Jeb Buish on various subjects. He recently served as an occasional campaign speechwriter for Jeb Bush and some of his material on tax policy was used.

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