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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Business, Economy, Politics, Satire, Society, USA Presidential Election 2012 | 7 comments

Why I Am Not Voting for Mitt Romney on Nov. 7, or Nov. 6

A few days ago, I explained why I was planning to vote for Mitt Romney on November 7.

After some additional soul searching — I do a lot of that these days — and after coming across a quick miracle cure for the “Romnesia” that was afflicting me, I have now decided to vote for Barack Obama on Nov. 6.

Call me a flip-flopper.

That’s OK, I am in good company.

One of them being the guy I was going to vote for on Nov. 7.

Why such change of mind?

Space at TMV and time where I am on vacation do not permit me to explain fully why. But, as so happens, I have just received an e-mail from a very good friend expressing some of the reasons much better — and more poetically — than I ever could.

So, without further ado, here are some of the reasons why I will definitely vote for Barack Obama on November 6 and, as my friend says, “Remember the facts and look for the truth, When you enter the voting booth.”

How can it be – Can’t people see?

A Romney Ryan victory
Will return us to Bush 2’s horrible history.
“Cut taxes and deregulate,”
Sounds real easy, doesn’t it Mate?

Instead of diplomacy, they’ll use bluster
And beat their chests and say, “watch out Buster”
At home and overseas,
How can it be?
Can’t people see?

Can’t anyone remember the stock market crash
When from unregulated mortgages people made a dash
When an arrogant foreign policy pushed us into an Iraq war mess
The real 9/11 culprits skipped over the border and we got more jihadists not less
How can it be?
Can’t people see?

Now job loss bleeding took a while to turn around after the 2008 election
Ok Mate, it still ain’t great; but it’s going in the right direction.
Housing starts are on the rise;
And the stock market is double in size,
All this with a Tea Party who won’t compromise.
How can it be?
Can’t people see?

What we hear is, “Let’s just repeat the past,
And we will flourish and real fast.”
The Romney Ryan budget claims debt reduction is easy;
But the math is more like one and one makes three.
They bring no solution,
Just political erudition.
How can it be?
Can’t people see?

So forget vitriolic propaganda the right wing does spew.
They’re just returning to Bush 2’s failed policies – nothing is new.
Remember the facts and look for the truth,
When you enter the voting booth.

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  • ordinarysparrow

    Was wondering if Colin Powell’s endorsement might be a factor in flipping you back from Romney on the 7th….

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    HI, OS.

    I can not tell a lie. I was very disappointed when General Powell allowed himself to be bamboozled by the Bush gang in his presentation of the US case on Iraq to the Security Council.

    But all his other service to country is so overwhelmingly positive that I again respect the man, irregardless of his vote — albeit I am glad he is endorsing Obama, to the ‘chagrine’ of Republicans, such as McCain.

    Talking about McCain, while I still respect that Navy aviator’s POW status, that is all I come closely to respect anymore about the man.

  • jdledell

    Dorian – I must admit I am somewhat disillusioned by Obama’s first term. I’m happy that universal healthcare was passed but very disappointed that a grand bargain on budgets failed to materialize. I know that was not all Obama’s fault but I thought he should have grabbed Simpson/Bowles and used a bully pulpit to fight for it.

    Nonetheless, I will vote for Obama because with Romney there is no there, there. Anyone voting for Romney has no idea what they are voting for. Will he back Ryan and the tea party in gutting the Federal budget? Will he throw off his neo-con advisors and pursue a moderate course in foreign affairs? Will he revert to the moderate governor he once was? Does he, or anyone else know, what kind of President Romney be.

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    Nice to hear from you again, JDL

    I also am not totally happy with Obama’s achievements, but I must “rationalize” my vote for him this way:

    First, he is so much superior to the alternative.

    Second, look at the piece of crap for an economy he got stuck with

    Finally, there is not much he could do — especially in the last two years — with a Congress and a GOP Party whose number one stated priority was to sabotage his presidency — the hell with the country — and to, to that end, block his every initiative.

    And, I am with you, that, hopefully with a retained Democratic Senate and a little better proportioned House, he (and our country) will do better during the next four years.

  • dduck

    Because he didn’t:
    (1) Get O to go on record about Benghazi. O said he would love to have a full discussion in the second debate. Now we are seeing e-mails and the arrest of one suspect in Tunisia that Turkey captured. I know, The Fog Of The Campaign and wait for the Feinstein hearing and the FBI report (around Nov. 7th, the same day you will Not vote for Mitt).

    (2) Trot out the Harvey Rosen video refuting the often, often $5 trillion hole that he cites Rosen’s own study. Rosen says he is incorrect.

    (3) ask how using Iraq to transport arms across Iraq to Syria is not a bad thing (it is to the U.N.) by Iran and what are we doing about it.

    (4) Ask him what his plans for jobs are that is different from the 2009 plans.

    (5) ask him how he will reduce the national debt.

    (6) ask him what happened to Universal Health Care when he had 60 votes in the Senate for a year and a half. This ain’t UHC.

    (7) why he didn’t have better debate coaches and he has himself to blame for a poor performance (see above points).

    (8) higher a new smile coach, just not one of Biden’s rejects. 😉

    (9) ask him to verify that he was incorrect on oil production on public lands, had fewer drilling permits and why does he make statements sounding like he is responsible for our higher oil production, when it was Bush that did that.

    (10) ask him why he is not more worried about Russia and sends Putin the message that: “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.”. Russia is a major foe and usually backs up the worst geopolitical threats as they are doing with Iran and Syria as examples. More spine rigidity may be needed, and less flexibility, Mitt could have charged.

    Yes, I am blaming Mitt for not explaining during the debates, all though he made a major coup by looking presidential and let O do the quipping in the third, that the Emperor has no clothing. That’s why I’m not voting for Mitt on Nov. 7th (besides that is the day we Reps have our horns shortened and our cloven feet polished. 😉

    Mea culpa, I can’t help myself from throwing in a little humor, but I am serious that O is a bad president and we will have four more of ineptitude. I will admit that Mitt might not do much better.

  • sheknows

    AMEN!! Obama had to deal with a congress that was something out of Dante’s Inferno. That alone prevented him from accomplishing so much more. That considered, he did a very good job. He has my vote.

  • dduck

    DDW, “Second, look at the piece of crap for an economy he got stuck with.”
    Deja vue all over again this time.

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