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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Featured, Politics | 6 comments

Why Did Sen. Jim DeMint Quit the Senate? (Guest Voice)

Why did Sen. Jim DeMint quit the Senate? (+video) (via The Christian Science Monitor)

Jim DeMint, one of the tea party’s founding fathers and leading intellectual lights, is leaving the US Senate for the presidency of the Heritage Foundation think tank – a move that some say may give him a greater clout as an arch-conservative voice uninhibited by party leadership. The senator from…

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  • hyperflow

    Republican leadership strategy in a nutshell

    DeMint: Privatize
    McConnell: Pause
    Boehner: Update
    Huntsman: Rebrand
    Ryan: 2016
    Rove: Hibernate
    Paul: Retire

    GOP needs a reboot. Split the teams, regroup in 2020.

    Team A) Libertarians: “real freedom”, slash budget, slash military and welfare

    Team B) RINOs: the “pro small business” party, balance budget, moderate DIY, keep the EPA

    Team C) Tea Party : “christian” values no gays no abortions, war ok, brinksmanship ok

    A & B would emerge as an interesting dichotomy. Tea Party would disappear into irrelevance: they have nothing additional to offer other than extremist values that are increasingly losing votes.

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    could be for same reason bradley and others quit; wasnt fun anymore. Seriously lacking influence and being addicted to it, just didnt have the fire in the belly anymore. Rats. Ship. Just my .02

  • zephyr

    Indeed, some believe that by leaving the strictures of the Senate, DeMint may be able to expand his influence even more widely.

    Let’s hope not. I prefer the sinking ship scenario. DeMint’s service to the country on the whole has been in the destructive rather than the constructive category.

  • hyperflow

    Let’s hope not. I prefer the sinking ship scenario.


    And if you can influence political decisions MORE from an unelected position, what would that mean?

  • slamfu

    The GOP is cleaning house. The nuts are leaving. Assuming they can reach a sane budget deal, I think they are on the road to becoming a party some of us in the middle can believe in again.

    EDIT to add: It’s a long, uphill road. But the scenery is majestic.

  • The_Ohioan

    2016 Wait for it.

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