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Posted by on Apr 23, 2016 in Politics | 5 comments

Who will win over the voters who aren’t angry?


WASHINGTON — Swing voters aren’t angry. But they’re tired of nasty, strident, partisan rhetoric, and they don’t believe the economy is rigged against them. Those are among the findings of a survey of swing voters in four states that are expected to be crucial to winning the November presidential election: Florida, Colorado, Nevada and Ohio. The…

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  • JSpencer

    “This year, swing voters don’t identify closely with either party. They favored Obama four years ago, but they preferred congressional Republicans in 2014.”

    I hope they learned something valuable from their preference for congressional republicans… assuming they were actually paying attention – which I tend to doubt was the case.

    • I wonder if anyone has done a political knowledge poll of swing voters? How many have a clue what is going on… read the news every day? I would like to know… I used to be a swing voter. I dont see how any reasonable person can vote Republican these days…well, for THESE Republicans.

      • JSpencer

        “How many have a clue what is going on…”

        Good question. My guess is that most people who hug the middle or swing back and forth do so because they can’t figure out what’s going on. Maybe some just prefer to avoid controversy.

        • KP

          I am convinced there is a relatively high level of uninformed voters along the political spectrum.

          Recall Jessie Ventura’s election win in 1998 and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s in 2003.

  • KP

    The issue they want to hear most about is the economy, which most tend to see as fair or poor.

    I have seen polls (CNNs comes to mind) that favor Trump over everyone else when it comes to the economy. Clinton is favored when it comes to foreign policy.

    The poll suggest that 20% of the voters in those four states are “swing” voters and don’t identify much with either party. They may not vote in primaries because some states are closed.

    I can’t tell which candidate these set of facts favor.

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