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Posted by on Jun 24, 2006 in At TMV | 7 comments

White House Press Spokesman Tony Snow Becomes Tony Slush

Despite great hype from admirers and expectations from people who weren’t his foes or supporters, White House Press spokesman Tony Snow is not presenting the kind of slick, convincing image (for nonpartisans) for President George W. Bush and his administration that many thought he would present.

He still seems somewhat tentative in his new role. Watch THIS CLIP and put aside any political feelings you have (for or against) Snow. He’s not comfortable in that job and is not handling the tough questions with grace. He doesn’t look like an in-control Fox News anchor anyore. He looks like a new press secretary with better hair.

Note that he’s awkwardly verbally sparing with Helen Thomas, using put-downs versus countering her questions and arguments. Snow perhaps listened to Bush’s “I’m the decider” comment too often since it sounds as if he’s doing his own riff on it. In the clip, Snow looks outright uncomfortable and seems to be straining to come up with convincing arguments. If he can’t respond to Helen Thomas better than in the clip linked above, he’s in for a very rocky ride in coming months.

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  • Mike P.

    Snow can’t seem to leave the Fox behind. Has there ever been a Press Secretary less able to effectively deal with the press? (Or present an Administration’s case to the public?) He seems to be Bush’s Ron Ziegler on many levels. Probably not the most important one though, unfortunatley.

  • Joe

    I personally don’t think Tony is at that level (or descent) yet. Zigler suffered from some of the same problems of McClellan in terms of awkwardness. But Nixon also “dissed” him in public, in one memorable incident angrily shoving him while cameras were on. FYI I was hired to work at the San Diego Union in the early 80s and the editor was Gerald Warren, who worked in Nixon’s press operation. I LIKED him. He was actually a very good, serious editor and his appearances on PBS’ Lehrer McNeil report were usually good ones. He was an excellent person for a press operation — smooth, thoughtful (even if you didn’t agree with him) and quick on his feet. Zigler, McClellan and now Snow lack this smooth quality. Snow is new in his position but at this rate he’s going to leave office quite diminished. When you can’t come up with something better than how he handled Helen Thomas it shows you need to do some homework — and thinking — about how to better perform in your job.

  • “He looks like a new press secretary with better hair.

    I have to concur, it sounds to me like this guy is the most handsomest press sec in history, and that is about it.

  • SnarkyShark

    I think Snowjob thought this gig was going to get him into the ‘insiders club’. What he got what a job shoveling manure.

    But really, it was just a lateral transfer within the propaganda ministry.

  • Salmineo

    Tony Snow has now been a spectator around the “round table” within the Bush inner circle. He knows to much for his journalist ethics to accept, I’m sure. The “WTF do I do now” look is all over his face. I wonder if he has been going to church more lately?

  • SnarkyShark

    He knows to much for his journalist ethics to accept, I’m sure.

    Journalistic ethics? At Faux? Surely you jest!

  • Salmineo

    Yes Snark, but at faux news they must have given their propaganda masters the benefit of the doubt. Now he hears it from the horses mouth.

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