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Posted by on Jul 4, 2007 in At TMV | 2 comments

‘When In the Course of Human Events’


For a bunch of white guys with bad hair the Founding Fathers were really onto something.

Please take a few minutes to read the entire (original) text of the Declaration of Independence. Then think about where American has been in the last 231 years and, most importantly, where it is today.

I don’t know about you, but reading this extraordinary document invites comparisons between a George to which the Founding Fathers repeatedly refer and a present-day George.

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  • adolphus

    An excellent suggestion.

    Might I also recommend the Colonial Williamsburg Podcast in which the actor who portrays Thomas Jeffereson reads to Declaration. You won’t have to look far they post it every year as certain as It’s A Wonderful Life at Xmas.

    Good stuff

  • You can also listen to a special reading of the Declaration on National Public Radio. Richly ironic since many of the readers are women and women were notably absent from the entire process.

    An historic factoid:Abraham Lincoln refers directly to adoption of the Declaration is arguably the greatest speech in American history, the Gettysburg Address.

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