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  • Allen

    Interesting this current Republican hypocrisy, is it not?

    Even so, as politicians go, it’s quite a dilemma for me in deciding which party is most at fault for our ills, but I must side with those whom constantly advocate their good soul by constantly protecting those least able to protect themselves. Republicans do not do that. They change seemingly with the wind.

  • superdestroyer

    Who cares? The Democrats hated GW Bush is a massive passion. Why use him now as an example of what to do? Also, the Republicans in the GW Bush Administration along with former Speaker Hastert and former majority leader Frist were incompetent, lots of them were voted out of office.

    Bush left office with a 20% approval rating because he had no idea how to plan for the long term.

    Saying that we should continue the incompetence and stupidity of the Bush Administration is a horrible idea.

  • Absalon

    “Saying that we should continue the incompetence and stupidity of the Bush Administration is a horrible idea.”

    Agreed. Let’s raise taxes, regulate Wall Street and speculators, rein in defense spending, stop the destruction of the environment and the average family’s income, cease trying to make piecemeal reductions in discretionary spending, stop trying to keep gay people as second-class citizens and start treating waterboarding as a war crime.

    Oh, wait, republicans don’t care for any of that. They’ve only become more ideological and obsessive since W.

  • superdestroyer


    Doubling of income taxes (what it would take to fund the government even with massive defense cuts) would lower the economic activity of the U.S., increase unemployment, shrink the private sector and cause more companies to leave the U.S.

    The easiest way to lower the enviromental footprint of the U.S. would be to put a stop to open borders and unlimited immigration. Yet, liberal and progressives keep supporting open borders and unlimited immigraiton. Thus, progressives do not really care about the environment but really care about controlling others

    Regulating Wall Street is once again about controlling others. If the government has to approve every home loan, every car loan, every investment, then there will be much less economic activity.

    If homosexuals are anything, they are the most protected class in the U.S. and get everything they want. Homosexuals are first in line when it comes to the government and the elite and get special benefits without any new obligations. The progressives would rather a company go out of business rather than have a business that homosexuals cannot control.

    The progressives have zero use for the middle class in the U.S. and seem to be pushing the U.S. to a two-tiered system of a few elites who live in Manhattan, DC, SF, LA, and Chicag. The rest of the U.S. will be a massive underclass who serve as the servant for the elites and will slowly fall into living a third world life. See places like Detroit for what the U.S. has to look forward to in cities where the elite do not want to live.

  • DaGoat

    You could also have a video on “When Senate Democrats voted against raising the debt ceiling”. Different circumstances, doesn’t mean much one way or the other.

  • DLS

    Ah, but we know who always are the culprits here.

    Steady as she goes!

    It’s more appropriate to keep an eye on the House Republicans, as rather than just raise the debt limit, a budget deal of some kind is materializing.

  • In other words, it’s all partisanship.

  • slamfu

    OMG SuperD, every single one of your points is so unbelievably wrong I don’t even know where to begin. We don’t have to double taxes to fix things, immigrants aren’t ruining the environment(that one is so far fetched you must simply have cut and pasted off a GOP talking point memo), Wall St ABSOLUTELY needs to be regulated in case you failed to notice the giant economic collapse they caused thru a major gaming of the system they engineered via their political puppets deregulating or often just not doing their job, and gay people are still not allowed to get married for no other reason than conservatives don’t like them. If I had more time I’d get into detail but good lord everything, everything you said is false. The GOP got to run it for 8 years your way and the evidence is in, it doesn’t work.

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