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Posted by on Feb 26, 2008 in Health | 1 comment

When ‘Happiness Pills’ Don’t Work…


It will be surprising if anyone claims that he/she has not been depressed at some time or the other in life. Our marital/personal/professional life, in this whirling and topsy-turvy modern world, faces extreme challenges in an attempt to retain a modicum of sanity. However, the popular myth that the ‘happiness pills’ help us come out of depression received a severe jolt recently.

“One of the largest studies (in Britain) of modern antidepressant drugs has found that they have no clinically significant effect. In other words, they don’t work,” says The Independent. More here…

While The Times adds: “Millions of people taking commonly prescribed antidepressants such as Prozac and Seroxat might as well be taking a placebo, according to the first study to include unpublished evidence. More than £291 million was spent on antidepressants in 2006, including nearly £120 million on SSRIs. As many as one in five people suffers depression at some point.”

More here…

For the past decade or more lots of strides have been made in the field of alternative medicine. But the medical fraternity and the media refuses to take notice of it or recommends allocation of money to find out the efficacy of such healing processes. This could be owing to the conservative approach or the mighty influence of the powerful pharmaceutical industry that rakes in millions by providing drugs/pills whose efficacy is often questioned (Click here for more) …as now in the case of ‘happiness pills’.

Hearteningly, a large number of people, even in the West, are opting for yoga, reiki, acupressure, acupuncture, flower and aroma therapy…that aim to strengthen one’s positive thoughts, improve the blood circulation and the immune system. For my earlier posts on this subject please click here… And here…

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  • BradB

    Pills don’t work, hmmm….How about going conventional and doing some exercise or playing outside or traveling. It may be that lack of these itself is the primary cause of depression.

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