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Posted by on Dec 31, 2009 in At TMV | 4 comments

When Do The ‘Tens’ Start ?

This week everyone has been talking about the start of the 10’s.

Technically of course just as the millenium really began in 2001 and not 2000 the 10’s start in 11 and not 10 (since there is no year zero).

Or do we just count the first decade of the AD’s as 1-9 ?

Why is it we count up from 1 but down to 0 ?

So when does the decade really start ?

And just to add a political element, how is this <insert political figure here>’s fault ?

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  • dmf

    i suppose that depends on if you care about referencing a decade or a Decade. i mean, obviously a decade is simply 10. or 10 years. like the beginning of 1995 to the end of 2004. but since convention is always based on what is easiest, we like to keep all the numbers that look the same, in the same category. therefore it would just be “weird” to say 2010 isn’t part of the official designation of “The Tens”. i’m fine with that. since i don’t believe in any of the mumbo jumbo that people proscribe to years’ numbers anyway…although, i must admit, even though (or perhaps because) i didn’t believe the “Y2K thing” would amount to anything, i was one of the annoying people telling everyone that damn millennium didn’t start until “next year”. it will also drive me nuts when people write “the 10’s” instead of “the ’10s” or even “the 10s”. but hey, that’s a different topic.

  • And on that excellent note, Happy Arbitrary Calendaric Renewal, everyone.

  • ElZagna

    As dmf says, the technical argument for the start of the new millennium doesn’t apply here. The noughties, teens, twenties, etc. refer to the ten years starting with a particular number.

    You really only have to worry about the starting points when you want to refer to something like the first decade of the new century, because the first decade starts with zero, the second starts with 1, etc. And then you have to decide when the century started (2000 or 2001).

    From a practical and cultural point of view, we are entering the new decade.

    Now that that’s settled, let’s get back to the really important stuff, like what do we call the last decade. I’m pushing for the noughties.

    But why bother with all this, really. It will all be decided for us when OBAMA APPOINTS A LANGUAGE CZAR TO SOCIALIZE OUR VERY WORDS JUST LIKE THE NAZIS DID.

  • peten

    As long as we don’t call the 2000’s the f*&67ing NOUGHTIES, I don’t really care!

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