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Posted by on Nov 5, 2016 in 2016 Presidential Election, Education, Energy, Family, Fascism, Government, History, Latino, Latinos, Muslims, Native Americans, Passages, Politics, Refugees | 17 comments

Trump/GOP hear thunder, ought pay attention, for it’s Latino Voters in ¡Truenos y Relampagos! in full Thunder and Lightning

Why are so many Latinos running [away] from the GOP and their chosen, vaunted, and clearly supported candidate?

Yes, it’s enough for us Latinos to be falsely accused, torn from sense of security for las familias, to have broken promises about family reunification, which was promised in U.S. immigration law. It would be enough to be ridiculed, to be tossed from covering Trump’s “rallies” and to be threatened with destruction of our families on both sides of the border, of literally threatening to starve to death our impoverished and often ill family members in Mexico–by cutting off US Latinos from sending money back to the old country. And more. Much more.

Why are Latinos voting like the fury of full truenos y relámpagos? Yes. Some might have to wonder for they have forgotten history.

But we Latinos in the US, who are called variously, Hispanics, souls from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central and Sur America, and other nations which speak Spanish and other indigenous languages have not forgotten…

We have not forgotten in terms of being beaten and cheated, starved and not allowed freedom nor justice… we have been here before…

We were, in the 16th century, many ethnic peoples across many ancient nations, people of knowledge about the land and medicines and animals, people of science and the arts, people with their own religious rituals… when suddenly came thugs from another land, and their greed for our women for rape, our children and men as slaves, our rich farmland, our rivers and lakes, our mineral resources, was bottomless.

What followed were atrocities on a scale off the charts, and for decades those groups of Mediterranean thugs instituted throughout the indigenous nations, their version of brutal and black blood sotted Inquisitions modeled after the one in the financing Mother country, Spain– but now set up for thousands and thousands of tortures and executions in what they called ‘the new world,’ which was, our ‘old and beautiful world.’

Their intent was enjoined by power-sotted prelates who lived off slavery and plunder like kings– and their castles in ‘the new world’ were built by those they enslaved, beat, killed at will, for there were so many of us then, what’s a few hundred less in a day or so.

The point was to destroy our literally thousands of cultural works, arts, ways, beliefs, to enslave by neck collar and ankle shackles, to break bones, whip innocents for no reason, to rape and require forced ‘marriages’, to force the enslaved to destroy our own shrines– as Isl does today in the mideast if one needs to remember the long ago is still enacted in modern times.

We are the decendents of our battered peoples. We are mestizo often, half Native American, half some Mediterranean blood that came from soldier thugs or prelates or whomever came to partake in the devastations. We are the descendants of the ones who managed by hiding, by appearing to assent and other means, to stay alive. We are often called Mexica tribe {pronounced MeshIca}, and we are the result often, as mentioned for it is a central feature of our history, of rapes and forced marriages far back in time, and we hope sometimes, also, we hope, from unions of true love and care.

In this election in the USA, we see, similarities to the invasions, occupations and enslavements by those who had no right long ago, or ever.

We see one of the candidates for presidency, allying with thugs far across the world it seems, moving nefariously, pretending to be friend to us as Cortez did initially with Moctezuma, but while leaking vitriol out the other side of his mouth, pretending to be a friend to some favored, when domination and ‘getting rid of’, cheating, stealing, punishing innocents… is the black snake at center where the heart ought to be…

All this has made GOP and its favored son look like the squealing whining pig suckling in the arms of the insane and milk-less Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. Or as we say in Mexico, many GOP in their loud support of their candidate for presidency, appear to bear similarities to Chemas Tamales, a comic-tragic figure who keeps making rice pudding and then going to sleep. Meanwhile El gato, the cat relieves himself in the pudding… which causes everyone including Chemas Tamales to become sick with diarrhea day and night… and Chemas keeps making pudding, and keeps going to sleep after, and the cat keeps making its contribution– and the pudding keeps making everyone who eats it sicker than a dog… er cat, er, catdog.

Meaning, in all gravity, we have been under the murderous yoke of far worse empire builders in our heritages … ones who were also liars and positioners and who tried to silence any who dared ‘hurt their feelings’ –which were made of thousands of trip wires so one could not avoid setting them off– and being harmed by their ‘lord’ while not even knowing what they did wrong.

Who our ancestors lived under, was not confined one who built a few hotels, golf courses and casinos, many of which have failed off and on over time. Our people were dominated completely, thousands of native tribes, two continents worth, with the invaders plundering of trees, fruits, animals, water, rivers, people, everything. Raping whomever they wanted, Native women given in braces as slaves to Cortez’ “generals” like pieces of meat on the hoof: taking all, with no brakes on their lust. Trying to be ‘the kings.’ Attempting to destroy all which they could not tolerate, which was everything.

Including our spirits, our very souls.

Then next to attempt to break us came from the US government, who one day said all of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, Colorado and more suddenly was no longer Mexico: that enormous land of farmers, mestizos and Native people who worked the land, lived from the rivers and earth, forests and desert plants, canopies of the trees, the fruits of the earth for hundreds and thousands of years. The land and the rivers especially were seized without treaty, without prior agreement… and again, the people who were Mexicans one day [each of their own tribal/family groups], were ‘nobody’ the next, for their nation had been seized and they were not citizens of this new ‘usa.’ The painful history goes on. The rapes of the time also are STILL remembered by many families in The Valley of San Luis and elsewhere. And on. And. On.

But in trying to break our spirits and souls– those who tried to annihilate, did not succeed.

I would put it to you this way, there are THOUSANDS of examples of why some of us survived the slaughters, the centuries of occupation and enslavement, the loss of our artifacts, most of our temples, conversion of our sacred sites to administrative buildings, false histories written about us, keeping us from holding property securely, all kept from being able to be educated, kept from being able to bury our dead in our sacred ways, kept from speaking, kept from living freely, kept from office, kept from seminary, kept from college, kept from and kept from… this is not new… it is very old…

BECAUSE OF THIS: Many Mexican-heritage people swore after the conquest, after Cortez the thug murdered his way across the Mexica nations, after others self-annointed “conquerers” murdered hundreds of thousands of peoples and enslaved the rest, after being violated, after murder upon murder, after the seizure of huge enormous tracts of already shared, claimed and worked lands by peaceful people– we of the last many generations swore that we would NEVER again go down on our knees to anyone who held a sword over us.

That if we are to die, we will die standing. And we will fight with everything in us to stay alive and to protect our familias. We will not go to our knees before thugs.

This is why, as central heartbeat, if one listens, one can hear many of us Latinos in full truenos y relámpagos. We are not heroes, we are only the strong SURVIVORS of centuries of slaughters, of no reparation ever, of no land regranted ever, of having had to live under a small dominant group of malicious persons who tried to wipe us out, and still attempt so– for their own malignant greed.

We have been here before, and now. And oddly the same USA that took so much from our people without asking, also now gives us opportunity to continue to make our roots here with decent opportunity to make a life for ourselves that matters– IF we can elect a person who does not denigrate nor attempt to shame us, who does not use slurs to describe us, who does not exclude those of us who are in the press, who does not exclude writers and artists wanting to control their own creativity and not serve a “patron.” We want a leader who does not try to force us to their ways only- in education and finance, who does see us as valued persons who work and love and care deeply far far beyond our own ethnic heritages.

Especially we want to elect a person who will NOT attempt to divide or denigrate nor harm our children our familias. Nor anyone else’s.

I cannot state that strongly enough. We want no harms to family, anyone’s families, here, or in the old lands where one’s kin once came from, or still live yet.

I clear call on and send strength to our Latino brothers and sisters TODAY to continue to strike like Lightning with your votes, and to roll like Thunder with your voices lifted in determination for all the critical decencies and protections needed, for ALL people, so as to create a life worth living, with all our most ancient caring values that cannot be allowed to vanish from the face of this earth.

You know the way. You are well on your ways. Continuan. Keep going. Full bore: Los todos: ¡¡¡Truenos y relampagos!!!

¡Si yes!
¡F’n Si se puede!

…different people call themselves by different names, some traditional, some modern, some governmental for instance ‘hispanic is a word made up by the usa government for census purposes to cover an enormously diverse population that is not at all homogenous. But/So, some call themselves also Latinos, Chicanos, Seventh Generation, and also by the nation of their ancestral origin. In Mexico and much of the Americas and Island nations where Spanish and Indigenous languages are spoken, people are known by both their mother’s and father’s surnames, which place modern family and ancestral family ties and memory at forefront.


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