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Posted by on Dec 8, 2008 in Economy | 1 comment

What Obama Will and Will Not Do: Diario Co Latina of El Salvador

Unreasonable expectations. That’s what commentators around the world are warning their readers about when it comes to President-Elect Barack Obama.

In this variation on the theme from El Salvador – the Latin American nation the Reagan White House used as a launching pad for war in Nicaragua – Eduardo Badía Serra counsels his readers on what they can – and cannot expect – from the new president of the ‘country of the north.’

Serra writes in part:

“I think we can expect that Mr. Obama will be more prudent – much more prudent – when it comes to the warmongering of his country (which at its core is purely due to its economic interests); and it’s possible that the situations in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Guantanamo and other places in the world will change greatly for the better. … I also think we can hope for a U.S. with a more respectful foreign policy toward its neighbors and the rest of the world.

“I don’t think there will be substantial changes to their immigration policy – at least as of today, I seriously doubt it. But even with this, the world will benefit enough. If the United States stops a good portion of its meddling in other countries and allows them to live freely and without strings, without pressuring them – that will be a great victory for the world. … other countries will be more willing to express their positions and concerns, overcoming the fear and terror that the country of the north has imposed on them.”

By Eduardo Badía Serra

Translated By Barbara Howe

November 25, 2008

Diario Co Latino – El Salvador -Original Article (Spanish)

Opinions without politics.

The North American people have elected Mr. Barack Obama their new president as of next January. The election process took place in an atmosphere dominated by the economic crisis combined with a social crisis that has been around for many years, and reveals a country of shocking and profound contradictions.

Because how can a country that is, as they say, the richest in the world in economic terms, the most developed in terms of science and technology and the most influential politically, have been incapable of anticipating the now looming economic collapse – its second in less than 100 years – which has occurred in an atmosphere deprived of the values expressed in its magna carta a decent, harmonious society, with strong families and a sustainable lifestyle?

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