What Muslims, Ahmad who

Positive achievements by a large group of people in a broad sense yes.
Christians can take credit for the Modern World, the West.
Hindus have a rising India to boast of.
Jews fewer in numbers hold sway over finance and media.
Atheists govern the powerhouse that is China.
Now show me some positives, a positive, we Muslims have on display.
1.7 billion, is only a number.
Some oil-rich Gulf States, as if having oil is a measure of performance.
What else, still thinking, am I missing anything?
Bits and pieces people what is our mutual claim to fame?
Soul searching or shifting the blame?
What is our best foot forward?
Not self-combustion, backstabbing, and terrorism.
We total less than the sum of our parts.
Thus, I’m not getting used to being called out and kicked around.
When one more time we can turn out excited, brilliant and proud.
Only how?

Dr. Arif Ahmad
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