01aaapuppy.jpgBarack Obama told daughters Malia and Sasha that “you have earned the new puppy that’s coming with us to the White House” during his victory speech Wednesday morning, a promise he presumably will have to keep since billions of people were looking on.

A source close to the Obamas says that the new puppy probably won’t arrive until the spring and, when it does, presumably will have to be hypoallergenic. This is because Malia has allergies, so you can rule out a golden retriever, collie and numerous other sneeze-inducing fur balls.

So what breed should the First Dog be?

Shaun Mullen
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  • smayer

    Rat terrier! My family has had this breed for the past 10 years. They’re loyal, energetic dogs that are great with children. None of ours have been purebred. The father was 1/2 pure, given to us by a family friend. The mother was a rat terrier-mutt stray. My parents kept two from each of the two litters we had, and I have one from the first litter.

  • tsongas

    Adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue group; no doubt the Humane Society or ASPCA could help the Obamas. There are so many dogs that are destroyed every year, and the habit of buying a puppy from – heaven forbid – a pet store is pretty much a death sentence for another dog that has been consigned to a shelter. There are some breeders who are responsible, but there are plenty, far too many, who operate puppy mills, where the dogs live miserable lives as breeding machines and the puppies frequently have physical and other ailments.

    Rescuing a dog also sends a great signal to Americans: we are a compassionate people, we believe in second chances, we do not tolerate “throw-aways”. And adopting is always cheaper than “buying.”

  • RememberNovember

    Mixed breed dog from a no-kill shelter.

  • JSpencer

    Well, I’m partial to Aussies; but they are a demanding breed, similar in temperment to Border Collies – which means they need LOTS of exercise and a job to do. They are very smart and devoted, but NOT hypoallergenic. Anyway, I understand the Obamas are going to be getting a rescue dog (which is what my current dog is), and as others have mentioned, this is a great idea. There are far too many dogs and cats in this country in need of homes (thanks to irresponsible humans) to buy from a breeder, so it looks like our new prez is going to be setting a good example in this regard.

  • RenealaCarte

    I’d get them a Rottweiler to keep away all the Republicans.

  • I heard they already decided on adopting one from a shelter, which is exactly what I was hoping they’d do. Pet stores and puppy mills are terrible evil things! Hopefully it’ll be a nice low key dog, not one of those yippy tiny ones. But as long as the girls find it to be cute and lovable, that’s all that matters. I’ve always had mutts and mixed breeds so I don’t much differentiate between breeds. Black labs are nice though!

  • Silhouette

    Spencer and I are on a similar page. There’s a breeder near me who produces blue and black kelpie pups. The silver is the same color as a russian blue cat. Just absolutely beautiful dogs, smart as anything and high energy. If he put some sheep or cows out on the lawn, that kelpie would be in heaven 24/7.

    I’ll put a picture up of what they look like here: http://houseofpolitics.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5855

  • JSpencer

    You’re right Sil, that coat looks just like a Russian Blue! I hadn’t heard of that breed before. Interesting. And yes, I think mutts can make good dogs too. I had one back in the 80s that was a mix I liked pretty well, except whenever she’d see a rabbit she was off to the races, and if the chase went into the woods, then it became a major deal getting her back again. I used to tell people that she was a doberman/coyote mix, but I was only half joking. Anyway, I don’t have that problem with my current dog, as she is pretty much a velcro dog.

  • Jim_Satterfield

    I heard that one of the daughters wants a goldendoodle, which would be a good one given the allergy problems.

  • dmf

    for my own personal reasons i’d love it if they rescued a pit bull from a shelter. on the one hand i think it’d improve people’s impression of the breed (why not keep going with the whole chipping away at prejudice thing?) and it might even help reverse some of the damage mike vick did, and jamie foxx did by defending him, to “black culture”. i know dogfighting is more “southern black culture”, as foxx reminded us… but i still think it’d help…

    i have a rescued pit mix. and he’s come a loooong way since i adopted him.

  • Grumman

    Consider a no shedder Poodle, Schnauzer, and you can find these at shelters or commercial with papers is not being elitist but a good investment. For the 7 year old to enjoy, maybe consider a doggie that won’t knock her down, or is too strong. Also maybe consider getting two of the same kind, maybe litter mate females. Also, with the new puppy (s) have the children go attend puppy training classes like they have at even at Petco for 90 ish dollars. These train you on things like socializing your puppy, you being social with your puppy, not rushing the door, housebreaking, and why to not loose your temper and how not to loose your temper and what your puppy likes, expects, and how you know when the puppy appreciates you. Remember doggies are a 20 year investment, and like any family member they too can seem a burden, but if you pursue with a positive patience approach, challenges will be managed, and friendships can be made. Happy Hunting! Grumman P.S. an ex- military trainor may make em cry, but they are truely no- nonnonsence for fairness between Man and dog

  • I think he should get a puppy from me : ) I have Bichon Frise mix pups that are Hyper allergenic and non shedding http://www.kconline.com/kingskennel

  • m0m0

    i had herd that his daughters reeealy want a baby chihuahua . obama’s daughters shouod or can get a chihuahua frist ,he can get a BABY CHIHUAHUA from me! but guss what IF they have [asma] chihuahuas cure them! they are very playful. if u liked this i could give 1 to u!ha,ha,ha,ha