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Posted by on Oct 25, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment, Media, Politics | 6 comments

What Herman Cain Has Won

Second prize in the GOP presidential contest is a lucrative stint as a commentator for Fox News, and the Pizza Man has a lock on that, which makes it surprising that Karl Rove is the first to count him out as the nominee.

Holding up a list of Cain flip-flops and walkbacks, his future colleague decrees that it “has created an image of him as not being up to this task. That’s really deadly.”

But in the Fox alternate-reality stable, that’s no disqualification—-check out Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and Rove himself. Going off half-cocked is part of the job.

Actually, Cain started his gaffefest on Fox earlier in the year telling the pundit he is most likely to replace, Glenn Beck, that his statements about not having a Muslim in his cabinet do not reflect a long record of being a non-discriminatory employer.

A new height in bi-partisan affirmation action could be reached by programming Cain against MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, another failed presidential candidate who just became a cable host after a long career as an activist minister subsisting on “love offerings.”


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  • Allen

    new show title: Dial 999 for Murder

    Featuring Rove as slugo

    Herman Cain as Mr. Bill

  • Stray Mongrel

    As far as I can tell, the “list” seems to be 3 specific things. Three things I don’t give a rats ass about in all honesty.

    Seeing that the current President has a proven flip-flop record, along with most of the past presidents, how is this even an issue?

    When Herman Cain sits down and considers a matter, the results are brilliance. That is what we need in the White House, it’s the opposite of what we have now.

  • Allen


    There is no “proven” flip-flop record for President Obama.

    …and if you call screwing the poor and middle class in favor of the rich “brilliance”, then you have no imagination at all. Where on earth do you get these off the wall ideas from?

  • Stray Mongrel

    Well, for one, I remember a promise that Executive Federal Resources were not going to be used to harass people in States that decided to regulate marijuana for medical use. Here in California, we are not experiencing a fulfillment of that promise. That “proves” it for me.

    And I don’t recall any of Herman Cains ideas screwing anyone, least of all the poor and middle class. They actually benefit more, and the extremely wealthy are the ones that lose the most tax exemptions. Even profits gained by black market goods will be spent and taxed also, creating a new source of revenue previously hidden from the Feds. You have to remember that the “idea” is a foundation that will be used to form a compositional law in Congress, that is a compromise between those that represent all people in America, rich or poor.

    Right now the economy is a subject that has much more importance than the little “political litmus test” bullcrap that gets thrown around when campaigns occur in prosperous uneventful years. Right now, people don’t care if Jane Doe is getting an abortion, they care about finding a job, and feeding their family. Bringing up ridiculous subjects like abortion or other subjects that are handled by Congress and the Judicial branch are just sideshow nonsense.

    The President does not have the power most people tend to assume that he shoulders. He’s a political figurehead, not politically omnipotent.

  • Allen

    Good grief, you just made everything up. Nothing you said is true.

    The President’s popularity is still ahead of Congress by far, ahead of any Republican, and, ahead of any Republican candidate. What the people are “thinking” is not Republican. What you don’t get, is the kind of stuff you write just makes it worse for your party.

  • Stray Mongrel
    Obama is a proven liar.

    I have studied the economics and this plan not only shows alot of promise, but it’s miles better than the crap we have now. I haven’t made anything up. What a great response.

    And what party? I am not a Republican, and I do not vote Republican 100% of the time. I would be open to a Democratic candidate if they would talk sense. Obama is a political disaster. Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich are the only 2 that are making any sense to me. The fact that they are Republican candidates is meaningless to me.

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