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Posted by on Jan 20, 2009 in Politics, Society | 4 comments

What A Difference Time Makes

As I watched President Obama sitting in the limo for the ride down to the White House I could not help reflecting what a difference time makes. Just five years ago Obama was a relatively obscure state senator in Illinois thinking about running for the US Senate after losing a race for the US House.

At the time the Senate race was seen as something of a long-shot, with Obama potentially facing strong opponents in the primary and general elections.

Today he is President of The United States of America.

It got me to thinking about how much things do change with time and how these transitions of power are a good way to mark those changes. It’s been eight years since we had the last shift in power and for most of us a lot of things have changed over those years.

Now please do not use this as a partisan topic. We don’t need to hash over what Bush did or didn’t do or what Obama will or will not do.

Simply take some time to think about how your life has changed since 2001.

Some of you may have been in school living with your parents back then and today you may be married with kids of your own.

Maybe you’ve moved, or changed jobs, been through good times or bad ones.

So chime on in, what has happened in your lives since 2001?

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