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Posted by on Jun 26, 2009 in Arts & Entertainment, Science & Technology | 2 comments

Web Collapses On News Of Michael Jackson’s Death


It was probably to be expected that Twitter would struggle as reportedly hundreds of thousands of tweets came in about Jackson in a very short amount of time. While I only got a couple actual Fail Whales, the site was really sucking wind for much of the hour that people were trying to get information about him. But Twitter was hardly the only site that was struggling.

Various reports had the AOL-owned TMZ, which broke the story, being down at multiple points throughout the ordeal. As a result, Perez Hilton’s hugely popular blog may have failedas people rushed there to try and confirm the news. Then it was the LATimes which had a report saying Jackson was only in a coma rather than dead, so people rushed there, and that site went down. (The LATimes eventually confirmed his passing.)

Discussion via Techmeme. Clickthrough for screenshots.

RELATED, from the LATimes, “Michael Jackson-related traffic doubled Twitter’s update frequency, tripled Facebook’s.” And TMZ has a collection of celebrity tweets in reaction to Jackson’s death.

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