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Posted by on Nov 21, 2007 in At TMV | 7 comments

“We are going to follow him around and tell the true story of what happened on 9/11”

The “him” is Rudy Giuliani. And who is speaking? Who is telling the truth about 9/11? Some crazed left-wing lunatic with a particularly nasty grudge? A conspiracy theorist? No, it’s Jim Riches, the deputy chief of the New York Fire Department.

You’ve seen Rudy, like so many others, with an FDNY or NYPD cap, talking up the fire department and the police department and the other 9/11 heroes but basically using 9/11 to prop up his political ambitions? Well, here’s a top official with the FDNY telling it like it is, exposing Rudy’s performance on 9/11 for what it was.

Crooks and Liars has the MSNBC video, along with this:

What the Giuliani campaign is now outwardly touting as his strength could very well become his achilles heel. This is not the first NYC firefighter group to take on Rudy over his mishandling of 9/11. NYC has just launched an investigation into “how the FDNY ended up using faulty equipment during the terrorist attacks and why Giuliani gave a no-bid contract to Motorola for that equipment.” And it’s not like the Kerik indictment doesn’t strike right at the heart of his 9/11 hero claims too.

And here’s part of what Riches told the Gothamist in an interview this past 9/11:

We will protest around the states to let everyone know the Rudy failed to prepare for the WTC attacks. He failed miserably before, during and after 9/11. No drills at WTC from 1993 to 9/11/01. Radios failed in 1993 and again in 2001. Command center at 7 WTC. No unified command, No interoperable radios FD and PD. 911 operators telling people in South Tower to stay put even before plane hit South Tower, yet FD commanders at scene were calling for its evacuation. Lying about quality of air, and not obtaining proper face fitted respirators until Nov 2001 leading to 70% of 1st responders with 9/11 illnesses while Rudy was too busy to lift a finger to help them because he was making tens of millions of dollars capitalizing off 9/11. His legacy will be thousands of sick and dying first responders.

It is increasingly obvious that there was 9/11 and there was 9/11 according to Rudy, that is, there was what really happened (before, during, and after) and what Rudy claims happened, the latter being far, far from the truth, all for the sake of Rudy’s shameless self-glorification, the engine of his White House bid.

Rudy Giuliani has constructed a bogus mythology out of 9/11, using and abusing America’s darkest day to promote a personal political agenda, essentially spitting on that which has become sacred, day that shall truly live on in infamy.

Thankfully, there are people who were there on that horrible day, who know the truth, and who are speaking out.

(Cross-posted from The Reaction.)

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  • DLS

    Can anybody really see him defeating Hillary Clinton?

  • hanginjohnny

    Bloomberg has been more of a mayor than Rudy ever was.

    DLS- you are already assuming Clinton will get the nomination.

    I foresee a great upset to the Clintonian-Bush dynastic rule.

  • DLS

    DLS- you are already assuming Clinton will get the nomination.

    Yes, I am, and that she’ll be elected President (officially, this time), sadly for us and the USA.

    I foresee a great upset to the Clintonian-Bush dynastic rule.

    Oh, how I wish I could be as confident as you are.

  • Somebody

    Gawd. Listen to yourself.

    Thankfully, there are people who were there on that horrible day, who know the truth, and who are speaking out.

    Can anyone say “Swift Boat?”

    I will not vote for Rudi. I am not a fan, but this is how politics is now going to be run…..As soon as the candidates gain any steam its

    Swift Boats to the Rescue.

  • kritt

    So now anyone who claims they were there and witnessed Rudy’s behavior firsthand is a Swift Boater? A lot of the police and firemen are divided- some remember the Rudy that took charge, calmed the city and went to funerals- others bitterly remember that he stopped the rescue and recovery as soon as most of the financial assets were recovered.

  • Bones_708

    I think that is the point kritt. If you defended the Swift Boat Veterans then you have to give the same here. If you condemned them for their speaking out then this is the same. Somehow I think the moral high ground is sinking on both sides.

  • Somebody

    Krit…yes when the POINT is to then destroy the candidate with lies, distortions and half truths for the sole PURPOSE to destroy ones life or CANDIDACY.

    YOUR darn right that is exactly what this is. There is no ifs ands or buts about it.

    I’m just waiting for the swiftboating to arrive for Hillary and Obama.

    Its pathetic behaviour but its obvious that the success it had with Kerry in o4 that this is the wave of the future. The swift boaters have arrived early for Guillani.

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