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Posted by on Sep 6, 2017 in Inspiration and Living, Iran, Nature, Society, United States | 0 comments

Ways of nurturing harmony despite divisiveness in America

At a time when divisiveness is increasing among Americans, an Iranian-born thought leader is raising a voice for harmony, including useful techniques to cultivate it step by step.

Kambiz Naficy, arrived in the US at age nine when his father was sent as a diplomat to Washington. Now, he offers solutions to truly making Americans great by enriching their hearts and minds.

India’s Mahatma Gandhi used to say, “Be the change you want to see”. Naficy changed himself from a Wall Street banker to an exponent of consciousness over twenty-five years. Now, with his Iranian-born wife, Shadi, he encourages other Americans to empower themselves.

America and the world can be better places if individuals unlock the emotions of harmony and togetherness inherent in them. The positive changes you nurture inside you will provide impetus for positive changes around you, in your family, community and nation.

Founder of the Joy of Life Foundation, Naficy says, “The sanctuary, the place of calm and love is inside. When you want to get rid of disharmony and fear, the wise thing is to do is to dive inside yourself.”

“The vaccine against disharmony and fear is the exercise and visualization of love.”

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This may sound challenging but is easily begun through your natural breathing. “Follow your breath inside the heart while placing your right palm on the heart. This will spontaneously create a response opposite of fear,” he adds.

“Be aware of your breath and follow it to the center of your heart. Feel the pulse in the heart and merge with the pulse in your mind’s eye.

“Now incite the emotion of love as you inhale. The object of your loving thought can be anybody you love—your child, spouse, friend, sibling or even a pet.

“You will quickly discover that earlier feelings of disharmony or fear exit naturally. That’s because negative feelings related to fear cannot co-exist with love.”

The positive results happen because attention is directed inwards through an inward gaze instead of losing one’s center through endless external distractions and disturbances.

“Directing the attention inwards to your creative force through the actions of breathing and visualization, takes you to your own source of calmness—this is your center. Find your center, hang on to it, and you can radiate your sense of centeredness to the outer world. Your inborn sanctuary is inside and calmness is your natural inner landscape,” Naficy explains.

“Ancient scriptures of most cultures say that your creative force is a pulse made of love and consciousness. In turn, modern quantum physics attests that the creative force is at your sub-atomic level.

“Well known experiments show that an electron appears as a particle when a human scientist wants to observe it. As the scientist’s attention turns away, the electron returns to an invisible, unmanifest wave.

“In effect, these scientific findings attest that divine consciousness responds to human consciousness. You are playing solitaire with your consciousness and whatever your pay repetitive attention to, is what you manifest as your inner and outer-reality.”

“Feelings of disharmony show that we have no way of speaking the language of nature’s creative force which responds to human consciousness. Fear decreases when that language is reawakened inside each heart.

“The language that divine consciousness understands is oneness. Simply, acknowledging and visualizing that through each breath, the creative force enters you in oneness.”

Both modern string theory of quantum physics and practitioners of ancient spiritual practices point to a creative energy vibrating in space. All it takes is to say “hello” to this energy and ask it to breathe through you and fill your entire body. When you exhale, ask the creative force to take action in your life in partnership.

Disharmony and fear lose existence when love enters. The need is to let feelings of love enter as the creative force breathes through you.

This is how you unite the divine creative consciousness with your own consciousness. It is simple because the divine life-force always responds to attention from your human consciousness.

“Fill yourself with her and ask her to fill your life. That’s it! Your personal transformation towards joy has begun!” he exclaims.

“As you exhale, partner with this force to take joyful and sure-footed steps in your life. The external power of rockets and guns cannot match Nature’s awesome power, e.g. hurricanes. So, wisdom lies in acknowledging the only one authentic power and inviting this life-force into your life.”

Human weakness emerges from a mistaken identity. For instance, a woman may think she is only a person named ‘Nancy’ and be unaware of the creative force breathing through her. Once she breathes in the creative force with awareness of love, she exits that mistaken identity.

“In a sense, all her troubles arise from this mistaken identity of “Nancy” as the doer. Ask yourself, who was the conscious presence that put my cells together in the womb? Who is the conscious presence that breathes through me and acts through me?” Naficy counsels.

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