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Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in Politics | 6 comments

How to Watch Tonight’s Republican Presidential Debate

Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate in Houston is the party’s 10th contest—and the last before voters in a clump of states nominate candidates on Super Tuesday next week. Front-runner Donald Trump, fresh off his wins in Nevada and South Carolina, will take the stage on the campus of the University of Houston-Moores School of Music with…

  • JSpencer

    Well shoot! I thought this was going to be a drinking game. Why else would anyone want to watch those idiots?

    • Careful about those drinking games. I saw one person who had a drink each time a Republican said Ronald Reagan. Another had a drink each time Bernie said “Wall Street” or “one percent” in a Democratic debate. Both wound up in critical care. (Not really, but this could happen–I’m just trying to illustrate the health risk of drinking games.)

      • Sal Monela


      • JSpencer

        My limit is 2 beers these days, so I guess I’ll stay out of the drinking games. 😉

  • dduck

    I really miss Rand. He didn’t repeat himself constantly, or at least rephrased his points.
    “I will make America great again and my father was a postman and I didn’t get asked about my tax return, like Trump was, and my father came over with $100 and washed dishes and we will kick all the illegals out and not let them back in and I was busy at another committee so i couldn’t vote but i made life and death decisions all the time.

    • KP

      < < my father came over with $100 >>

      In his Kiniki briefs …

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