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Posted by on Oct 16, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment, Guest Contributor, Media, Miscellaneous | 3 comments

Warning: Graphic Depictions

Sometimes the Left Brain (the one that controls the right side and “logical” language functions) needs to take a break. Luckily, the Right Brain (the “spatial” non-linear side that controls the left side of the body) is sometimes up to the task. Drawings by Hart Williams (in his alter- persona as Hesperion Wug) from September and early October.

Horny Toad (or Horned Frog in Texas) — these little survivors
have been around since the age of the dinosaurs.

Because all work and no play makes us all (including Jack) dull boys and girls. Some more:

Call Wading

Vanishing America

Vedauvoo – between Laramie and Cheyenne, Wyoming

Vedauvoo Too

Tule Lake, California

Northern California Courthouse

Flying into Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage Airport

Downtown Anchorage

California-Mexico Border

Granite Pools


Sandstone Cliffs


Exotic Space

A Higher Level

Horned Frog Too

I’ll be away from the blog keyboard for a couple of days. If this doesn’t tide you over, you have PLENTY of time to read:


The Occupy Wall Street forces don’t need help from me, but they need help from you. C’ya in a couple daze.



A writer, published author, novelist, literary critic and political observer for a quarter of a quarter-century more than a quarter-century, Hart Williams has lived in the American West for his entire life. Having grown up in Wyoming, Kansas and New Mexico, a survivor of Texas and a veteran of Hollywood, Mr. Williams currently lives in Oregon, along with an astonishing amount of pollen. He has a lively blog His Vorpal Sword. This is cross-posted from his blog.

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  • JSpencer

    Nice artwork Hart. Thanks for sharing..

    As for Thomas Ryan? What a scumball.

  • Thanks JS.

    He should be a warning that Democratic and “liberal” websites and blogs should expect to be hacked this political season and take appropriate steps.

    But no one will either note the warning nor heed the potential consequences. You don’t need a Ouija board to see that much.

  • Allen

    Let them continue to poke sticks at the movement. Let them do their evil deeds! Because they’ll turn even more against them, with even more exposure of their greed and more complaint.

    They are Wrong and they know it and the World is Watching!

    Thanks for art gallery!

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