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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Business, Economy, Politics, Society | 11 comments

Walmart is the real moocher

Who are the real government moochers? I think Walmart nicely fits into this category.

So do many other huge corporations, especially in certain sectors like retail and the hospitality industry, that pay their top-tier executives ginormous compensation while paring their workers’ wages and benefits at every opportunity.

How do these behemoths mooch off the rest of us? Any company that isn’t paying a real living wage, but  paying the majority of its employees so little they qualify for food stamps and Medicaid and a bunch other services mooch — our tax dollars and our communities end up with these burdens, end up paying for what the Walmarts of the world get out of paying.

Allowing them to grow larger and larger at the expense of the taxpaying citizenry. Plain and simple, that’s the real mooch.

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