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Posted by on May 13, 2016 in 2016 Presidential Election, Arts & Entertainment, Humor, Television | 4 comments

Voting Anguish

Voting Anguish

You may remember the 90s funny show “3rd Rock From the Sun” where John Lithgow plays the alien high commander stuck on an unimportant planet.

His character is Dick Solomon.

Dick was faced with voting.

To quote Dr. Smith from another classic, “Lost in Space”, ‘the pain …. the pain’

Dick Solomon:

“Right, and how many times do I get to vote?

Volunteer: One time.

Dick Solomon: And it doesn’t matter that I’m brilliant?

Volunteer: No.

Dick Solomon: Have you noticed how tall I am?

Volunteer: We all get one vote.

Dick Solomon: So your opinion counts equally with mine?

Volunteer: You got it.

Dick Solomon: You’re awfully smug for a man who works at a folding table.”

More from Dick:

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  • dduck

    Ah, KP, the anguish of the writing writing about the voters anguish. But spot on. Should we bring back a monarchy, say starting with a clone of Mother Theresa, or with Oprah. Whew. Thanks.

    • KP

      Hola hermano.

      We should stick with voting.

      Having said that I am increasingly ‘never Hillary’ but I will support her if she is elected president. Side note, I can’t imagine a more ineffectual president.

      The 2 for 1 philosophy is about to get burned to the ground. Some people here should have listened to Ron Chusid’s warnings.

      • dduck

        I predict she would be better than her predecessor.

        • KP

          I agree.

          However, that is a low bar. If she is simply is a “B” domestically and a “D” on foreign affairs she will surpass her predecessor.

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