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Posted by on Jul 25, 2011 in Politics | 8 comments

Voter Suppression in Wisconsin

The sound you hear may be of a)independents distancing themselves from the GOP due to the debt ceiling crisis at the same time that you see b)a mobilization of the Democratic party base even though they are not happy with President Barack Obama. On (b) here’s an example of something that will mobilize Democrats in 2012: in Wisconsin there was controversy over a voter ID law that many felt was aimed at keeping some Democrats from the polls. And now?

It turns out Governor Scott Walker is closing 10 DMV offices in….you guessed it… Democratic areas. And, yes, there is always a reason that provides “plausible deniability.” And I’m sure Rush, Sean et all will claim it is all coincidence. (And if you believe that, let me tell you about the Easter Bunny who will hide candy in your house.)

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