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Posted by on Sep 7, 2007 in At TMV | 2 comments

Viva la Americanaland

I support building border fences and/or walls to secure our southern border with one big yet beautiful change:

We build restaurants, malls, and entertainment venues into the fence and/or wall at strategic points!

Just think about it. We can get paid, secure the borders, and share our wonderful American-ness with would-be illegals. Once our lovely neighbors down south get a dose of cheap goods and entertainment (no red light districts) at the border, they won’t have any reason to come here. They’ll be too busy luggin’ around cheap, globally made goods and have club hangovers. Better yet, lets just go about 15 miles inside our border states (from the Mexican border) and make that area a seperate cheap goods and entertainment state called Americanaland. Americanaland will provide so much stuff and show at ridiculously low prices that it’ll turn those border jumpers with meager Mexican wages into hardcore consumers and club elite. Take that anti-free marketers! And the best thing about it? We’re creating jobs for real Americans. That’ll put a smile on Lou Dobbs face.

See, we’re just not creative enough these days. What has happened to us America? Can’t solve a little border issue with what we do best: putting on shows and selling stuff?

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