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Posted by on Oct 30, 2006 in At TMV | 8 comments

U.S. Deaths In Iraq Hit 101 Mark For October

This is sad news in terms of the human cost and bad news for the GOP a week away from elections:

The October death toll for U.S. soldiers in Iraq reached 101 as National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley made an unannounced visit to Baghdad today to consult with Iraqi officials.

The tally makes October the fourth deadliest month for Americans since the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003, according to military statistics. The triple-digit toll comes less than two weeks before a U.S. midterm congressional election in which the conduct of the war is one of the major issues.

President George W. Bush is seeking a strategy that will allow the U.S. to quell a surge in sectarian bloodshed while turning the bulk of fighting and security duties over to the Iraqi government.

“The president mourns the loss of every single U.S. soldier that’s lost in this conflict,” White House National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe said in Washington today.

This is a kind of “high concept” watershed event. The figure 100 or 100 will appear in headlines or at the top of newscasts and it’s easily and quickly recognizeable. The problem is that so far the administration is not offering any new ideas or fine-tuned strategy so voters (including those who have supported the war) feel more of the same will mean better policy. This will likely leave many voters to register their feelings only one way: protest votes.

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  • Charles Jordan

    Everyday I go to the WAshington Post website because they have reporters (Howard Kurtz, Dana Priest, for example) on to take questions.

    Whenever ever the topic is Iraq I ask the following question:

    “have you ever asked a senator or a congressmen to go on record as to whether or not they took the time to read the classified NIE (which was made available to them) before they voted for or against the Resolution giving the President authority to take military action in Iraq”

    Sometimes I aske the same person this question 2 or 3 times. I’ve yet to get an answer. I know why.

    These reporters claim to represent getting the facts out. They claim they are doing all they can to be fair. They aren’t asking the hard questions. Seems to be this is a pretty basic question and every member of the congress should be expected to answer it.

  • Charles Jordan: indeed, that is a very good, yet basic question. One they should have asked already.

    It’s fascinating that they don’t answer that question. I agree with your asessment of the situation.

  • TiredOfRacistDemos

    CJ, It’s as simple as this. A lot of your reporters are liberals. The vast majority of those reporters create news. They do this by leaving out important information on purpose. So it’s kind of like being really good at lying their asses off and then being really proud that they serve the people. And people wonder why newspapers are biting the bullet??? I think you already knew these things though CJ!

  • SnarkyShark

    CJ, It’s as simple as this. A lot of your reporters are liberals.

    And the editors are conservative and decide was and doesnt get printed.

    Your argument has no grounding in facts. The misconception that the press is liberaly slanted is part of why it is impossible to have a national conversation.

    Its like just by repeating “the sky is orange” makes it true. Sorry, no.

    Newspapers are crahing because they covered for BushCo(tm) and have lost credibility.(think Judith Miller)

    I know it doesnt fit your worldview, but by continuelly asserting the rights talking points vis-a-vis the corperate owned media, you risk being left out of the national conversation that will happen.

    It starts Nov.7.

  • CaseyL

    The vast majority of those reporters create news. They do this by leaving out important information on purpose.

    I’m going to regret this, but I can’t resist.

    What news did the reporters “create”?

    What “important information” do they leave out?

    Be specific, please.

  • JEFF

    Talking on the subject of Fox News versus CNN, NBC, CBS and other news outlets, I had a conservative friend of mine tell me that he thought Fox news probably did lean a little to the right when reporting the news. My comment to him was, ” You have been overloaded with the other types of news stations that it would be common place to view it that way. When one is subject to this type (CNN,NBC ECT.) of news it does become sort of a brain washing effect.
    I personally couldnt help but notice on eletion morning of 2004 as I flipped back and forth from Fox to CNN, how Fox reported that President Bush had won and CNN had yet to do that before I left for work. Funny huh? That my friends, is how news can be left out. In this case they couldnt continue to run with it though, because you do have to eventually go on with the show.

  • JEFF

    Earth to Snarky, your liberal newspapers were crashing way before Bush and Co. Newspapers are crashing because of the internet. People dont have to believe what a Dan Rather says is the truth. Remember him? They can find out all the facts with a little internet knowledge. And since I don’t know you but know your kind, you can’t fool me into believing that the news outlet editors are conservative. Nice try!

  • JEFF

    U.S. Deaths In Iraq Hit 101 In October.
    Here is my conservative opinion. The liberal media has been driving the U.S. body count down our throat for the past 31 days for the same reason the terrorists have intensified their fight.”Our upcoming elections”. Do you think they will be disappointed if their expected body count record isn’t broken? First of all, this should tell you what political party side the terrorist and the mainstream media are on. I mean, aren’t the terrorists intensifying their fight for a reason? Could it possibly be our upcoming elections? My thoughts are that they are getting tired and would rather see a party take control in the U.S. so we would get out of Iraq ASAP.
    I sincerley thank everyone of our fallen heroes for their sacrifice. They have given their lives, not only to make a safer world for you and me but more importantly, for my children and my childrens children.
    It is sad that the media is using our dead heroes as only a number for political gain.
    Shame on all of them!

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