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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Featured, International | 19 comments

US criticizes Israeli plans to build new settler homes

US criticizes Israeli plans to build new settler homes (via AFP)

The United States denounced Israeli plans for new settlements in east Jerusalem and the West Bank in the wake of a historic UN vote to upgrade Palestine’s diplomatic status, calling them a setback to peace. On Thursday, the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly backed a resolution recognising…

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  • sheknows

    Yeah, that’s what they need…more housing right on the edge of a powder keg! Really great place to live and raise a family.
    Does Isreal think they can intimidate the east Palestinians into leaving? Ain’t gonna happen!. This latest move by Isreal is childish and bullheaded and as Clinton said, counterproductive.
    Since Jerusalem has so much meaning to three major religions, perhaps it is best if no one claims it as their capital. Stop fighting over it and everyone pick a new place or share it and live in peace.

  • Israel is the bad guy. Why don’t we see that?

  • Yet again the U.S. criticizes someone or something on one side or the other for something that impairs the “peace process”. What a joke – this has been going on for over 30 years. Israel does what it wants and so does the other side. American protestations are irrelevant. The evidence is that one side (or both) is not serious about peace.

    A question I have never heard answered, not even once, is what is America’s critical strategic interest in Israel or the Palestinian cause? All we get out of our involvement with both and in particular, our support for Israel is hate and enemies. What is the upside for the U.S.? How much oil do we get from them? Israel is a puny country (about the size of New Jersey) of about 8 million people. Why do we send Israel billions in tax dollars every year? As far as I can tell, our return on investment from the Israel-Palestine conflict is an endless kick in the pants.

    There’s no logic, reason or good will there any more, if there ever was any. Israel dismisses the UN vote on Palestine as “meaningless”, while claiming it is legitimate because the UN created in in the 1940s. What astounding hypocrisy. It is long past time for the U.S. to pull the plug, walk away and let the two sides slaughter each other because that’s what they apparently want to do. There is no “peace process” there. That’s just smoke and mirrors. The only process going on is the slow march to slaughter.

  • sheknows

    Good Point Calmoderate. My father, who was Jewish told me a very long time ago’This is like a huge family constantly bickering and fighting. Some days they get along, some days they want to kill each other. We ( the US) should stay out of it. You don’t stick your nose in family business or you’ll get it broken”

  • sheknows

    Real estate ads will probably read like this:
    Spacious 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms overlooking the beautifully fenced parimeter of the no go zone.
    most units offer a spectacular view of the charming local citizenry, literally a stones throw away.
    Superior construction offering bullet proof windows, and reinforced concrete everything.
    Convenient underground parking in each building located next to the bomb shelter.

  • Calmoderate, we are involved because we have a significant and vocal Jewish population. Also, inertia.

  • sheknows

    Barky, also the other side of the coin. Because the arab nations foster and protect terrorist groups that REALLY hate us. We are no fans of the arab nations, but we do need their oil. We essentially are caught in what appears to be the 10th hell of Dante’s inferno.
    Our sympathies have been with Isreal from the very beginning of their statehood… and rightly so. We became their strongest supporter for reasons other than the Jewish population here. They were surrounded by their enemies and not one country in the entire world would come to their aid but America at that time. Now, decades later we are still involved in their conflict and we can’t turn our backs on them. We can and should however speak our mind. Much of the world is condemning their actions and we are among them.

  • ShannonLeee

    Israel is like an addicted little brother that is in need of an intervention.

    “We love you, but you are destroying yourself and we can longer sit back and watch”

    gotta wonder how the world would react to the US blowing up Israel’s new settlements?

  • Wow, Shannon, Ilike that analogy. 🙂

  • dduck

    Remember we loved Mubarack and a whole list of other regimes that we felt were in our best interests to support. Some we dumped, some went their own way. Israel, is in the too big too fail category and as SL said is a little brother that sometimes kicks us in the shins but that we must protect from the hostile enemies that surround it. That doesn’t say we shouldn’t put whatever pressure we can on both sides to tamp down the more aggressive elements and moves (perhaps the housing issue is one and the rockets another).

  • jdledell

    This particular settlement expansion is the death knell for the two state solution, if it had any life left. The E-1 corridor from Ma’ale Adumim to Jerusalem will now be filled with Jewish Israeli buildings. This means there will be a wide corridor of Israeli construction from West Jerusalem all the way east to Jericho. This will totally cut the West Bank in half making Palestinian travel north to south, impossible. Jericho, a Palestinian town, lies in the Jordan Valley a closed Israeli military zone so the town will become totally isolated.

    The US has vehemently opposed building in the E-1 corridor for decades for reasons above. It has always been a US red line, now violated. The lack of reaction on our part is telling. The Likud, National Religious parties and Yisrael Beiteinu are poised to win an overwhelming majority in the january elections. They will then be able to implement their “reservation” approach to Palestinians who will live on 17 different pieces of land in the West Bank (according to maps I’ve seen shown around by Dani Danon. These reservation Palestinians will not have citizenship and would have to have Israel permission to travel off the reservation.

    Every time I’m in Israel I hear about ” if reservations are good enough for American Indians, they are good enough for Palestinians”. I try to explain that was the morality of many generations ago, and not applicable to today’s standards. Besides our American Indians have citizenship and no travel or residency restrictions. The Israeli reaction is “so what”.

    I am stunned at the World’s lack of reaction to this move by Israel. It will embolden them to try to implement their full apartheid approach to the Palestinian conflict. Lieberman has even suggested carving out the Umm al-Fahm area of Northern Israel and taking away citizenship from 100,000+ Palestinian Israelis and making that area a reservation to help with Israel’s demographic problem. It’s sad to see my Israel killing itself with self-destructive behavior.

  • sheknows

    There will be so much bloodshed if they try to enforce reservations. I can’t believe they would seriously consider doing something so horrendous. Maybe that can give them names…like little Dachau etc.
    If they do that, the US will probably break diplomatic ties.

  • dduck

    Thanks, JD, very sobering information and what looks like a very weak U.S. response.

  • jdledell

    sheknows – Don’t kid yourself, the US will not break diplomatic relations with Israel even if full-blown apartheid is implemented. The world is scared to severely punish Israel to the point the country itself is in jeopardy (ie tight economic sanctions or military action). The reason is Israel’s “Samson” option. Israel has vowed to destroy much of the world if their country is in imminent danger of being lost. Their submarines roam the seas with hydrogen fusion bombs mounted on missles. Each of these 300+ MT bombs could destroy an entire capital city.

  • sheknows

    jd…I have never heard of the “Samson” option and didn’t know Isreal had vowed to destroy the world if their country is in danger of being lost.
    If they have so much power why aren’t the arab nations cowering in the boots? And why of all things would anyone lob shells into their cities?
    Do you think we stay involved just to prevent an apocalypse?

  • sheknows

    jd, just looked up Samson Option in Wikipedia. Yes Indeed, Moshe Dayan DID say they would take down the world with them if they go…..

    Well, if that kind of insane thinking still permeates their government then maybe we should get out. You know, we have the capability to do the same, but we would never consider and certainly not threaten it.
    What Isreali prime minister said ” we have to be like a mad dog, so no one will want to bother it”? Maybe that’ the image they are trying to project…and doing a good job of it!

  • Zzzzz

    I don’t see the value in this alliance, either. They’ve been mired in civil war for more than 30 years. We aren’t helping, and think our infusion of both sides with military and humanitarian aid is actually enabling that civil war to continue. We would be wiser to wash our hands of this mess.

  • dduck

    Zz, that might invite a slaughter.

  • ShannonLeee

    Yes, I think the last thing the jewish world community needs is Israel committing genocide. We really need to get tougher with Israel. We are literally the only country in the world that can talk a little bit of sense into them.

    back to the addiction analogy…. half of our country has become codependent in this catastrophe. Maybe some of us need an intervention?

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