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Posted by on Jan 15, 2009 in Society | 0 comments

US Airways Flight Crashes Into Hudson River

Breaking news via WCNC:Image Hosted by

A US Airways flight headed to Charlotte has crashed into the Hudson River in New York City.

Flight 1549 left from Boston and was headed to Charlotte when it tried to divert to La Guardia Airport in New York City.

The plane landed in the Hudson River.

New York City firefighters are responding to the crash. It was not immediately clear if there were injuries.

They have live video. NY waterway ferries are helping with the rescue.


The plane is an Airbus A320. NBC News identified it as Flight 1549, which departed at 3:20 p.m. ET with about 145 passengers and five crew members aboard. It was a scheduled flight to the Charlotte-Douglas, N.C., airport.

Their live feed. Anchors are speculating about a bird strike.

MSNBC says it’s now confirmed by an FAA official that the pilot has said he hit a flock of birds. No terrorism is suspected.


Television reports show several boats around where the plane, an Airbus A320, was in the water. New York Police Department divers dove into the water to assist with the rescue as plane floated southbound on the river, possibly due to the tidal direction.

The divers were dropped into the water from helicopters overhead, police officials said. Some passengers were able to free themselves from the plane. They could be seen on the exterior in televised reports.

Some passengers being plucked from the frigid water were being taken to the Circle Line piers nearby at West 42nd Street. It was less than 20-degrees in New York City at the time. Fire and police rescue crews were rushing to the water.

Live picture shows only the tail of the plane above the water as the current carries it south towards the Chelsea Piers. Lots of praise for the pilot and speculation that people were prepped and had time to get out. There is heavy ferry traffic on the river; all converged on the plane to aid in the evacuation.

Anchors say, unofficially, that the crew reports everyone got off the plane alive. They’re awaiting a headcount to make it official.


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