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Posted by on Apr 20, 2014 in At TMV | 1 comment

US a Banana Republic?

Daryl Cagle,

Daryl Cagle,

The Roberts court is turning our country into just that according to Norm Ornstein in National Journal.

 Oligarchs will rule.


Roberts has, over the past few years, taken a meat-ax to 50 years and more of law and precedent on campaign finance, even as he took a meat-ax to voting rights. In both areas, he showered contempt on Congress and its laws. All after he assured senators during his confirmation hearings that he would bend over backward to rule narrowly, find consensus, and respect precedent. It is hard to escape the conclusion that he deliberately misled the Senate to win confirmation.


Many of those who celebrate these decisions say they simply reflect the Constitution. Wrong.


They reflect five ideologically driven justices and their world views. If not for the decision of Sandra Day O’Connor to retire from the Court to care for her husband and his Alzheimer’s disease, we would have experienced the opposite decisions in Citizens United, Shelby County, and McCutcheon. Voting rights would be protected and not suppressed, corruption would be restrained and not celebrated, oligarchs would be limited and not reigning supreme.


Ben Franklin famously answered a question about our emergent form of government following the Constitutional Convention by saying, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Thanks to Chief Justice Roberts, we have kept a republic—but it is moving rapidly toward the banana variety.

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