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Posted by on Feb 23, 2014 in At TMV, Featured | 0 comments

UKRAINE President Yanukovych Said to Have Fled Kiev

ukraine-president-viktor-yanukovych-previewThe whereabouts of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych were unverified early Sunday, a day after he left the capital. His opposition, Yulia Tymoshenko was freed from prison and returned to Kiev, addressing a huge cheering crowd of Ukrainians calling for Yanukovych to resign.

The streets still run with blood from the massacres of so many over the last weeks of protests against Yanukovych’s selfish, self-serving decisions that benefit him and other fat cats of his ilk, but not the greater mass of the people of Ukraine.

The protestors of Ukraine have been calling for the utter resignation of Yanukovych, and his reply to the young has been bullets.

So many of the young have died, on both sides. This generation has literally now seen Kiev, the beautiful capital built by the backs and bones and hands of their own hard working ancestors, erupt in sky-high flames. Kiev burning.

The president continued to be unctuous and unconcerned about unleashing murderous violence on his own people.

The protestors objected to the Yanukovych’s turning away the contract with the European Union, instead wanting to lead modern day Ukraine back into the dogs-slaughtering, gay-criminalizing, starvation producing, surveillance glutted, girl band arresting, gulag exiling, murder at will for whatever reason, un-due process, unjust laws against humanity, and still oldCommunist ‘you will do as you’re told’ Russia.

Except the young, especially of Ukraine, not only do not share Yanukovych’s ill vision and sentimental weeping over the Soviet Union’s once Comrade infected ‘greatness’ of fascism and murders– the young appear ready to deliver to Yanukovych what the people of Romania delivered to Nicolae Ceau?escu, what the people of Iraq delivered to Saddam, what the people of Libya rallied for Kaddafi, and the Seals of the USA delivered to Bin Laden.

It’s no wonder Yanukovych has disappeared from sight. The head rodent leads the other rats to leave the ship when the ship comes to a new port.

AP reported last night: “Ukrainian news agencies, citing the deputy head of the State Border Service, reported that a chartered airplane with Yanukovych onboard was denied permission to take off from Donetsk, a city in eastern Ukraine that is the president’s base of support.”

Denied permission to move freely. As he, Yanukovych, denies freedom to the people who hold the heart of Ukraine in their very souls.

May Ukraine, the hearts and minds and souls who want freedom instead of repression, be lifted.
May the people of Ukraine succeed in their quest to be free.
May the innocent and the brave of Ukraine be kept safe.
May beautiful Ukraine not run with the blood of its future: the young.
May goodness prevail wherever, whenever possible.
May all be blessed with memory of their ancestors who also fought to be free, time and again.
May this be the last time the people will ever have to fight –and succeed– for Ukraine to be free.

May it be so. May it be so right now.

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