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Posted by on Feb 22, 2008 in Politics | 1 comment

U.K.: Much To Be Sorry For Over CIA Rendition

Brits are not happy that they were, er, misinformed about the use of U.K. territory by the CIA for so-called rendition flights…

From the British dailies, the Guardian and the Independent, the story is here;

Official Apology after CIA “Torture” Jets Used U.K. Base

and the reactions are here;

The Excuse that America Didn’t Tell Us Doesn’t Wash

Much To Be Sorry For Over Rendition Flights


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  • StockBoySF

    Robin, this is such an important topic I’m sorry that no one else has put any comments on this. I guess most people are talking about the primaries (I know I am). Thanks for the post.

    As far as my thoughts… this is just another example of the US gov’t giving false assurances of actions that never happened. I think it’s interesting that all the stuff that’s coming out, about torture, these extraordinary renditions, etc. are coming out at the end of the Bush presidency. Bush needed congress and his fellow Republicans to toe the line so his administration could keep all their misdeeds under wrap. Now that the Dems control Congress and there are quite a few disgruntled Republicans out there (former administration officials) we, the American people, can finally get glimpses of what the Bush Administration was wreaked upon this country and our good name.

    I’d like a pledge from all the candidates that they will support investigations into Bush administration misconduct.

    I do hope people start talking about our American values again soon. Our values shouldn’t be disregarded because of “terrorist threats” and certainly our values shouldn’t be disregarded to make way for the Presidential race. In fact people should use this time of choosing a new leader to discuss our values. But perhaps after Bush we’re in too much pain and the feelings too raw for us to discuss them right now.

    Thanks again.

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