Given the continuous stream of outside events having a direct impact on the United States, isn’t it time for American voters to start taking account of the global environment we are a part of? Apparently not, if the 2012 presidential candidates have anything to say about it. For Switzerland’s News, Patrik Etschmayer explains that for people outside the United States, the campaign makes it seem as though the rest of the world doesn’t even exist.

For Switzerland’s News, Patrik Etschmayer writes in part:

Obama stressed the need for more time to solve problems and that he has learned a lot over the last four years. His speech was at times combative, but ultimately it was an apology: The dung heap was huge, please let me finish the job! For spectators beyond U.S. borders, there was above all one question: Doesn’t America care about the rest of the world anymore?


This question – if anything – was answered only indirectly. Obama made fun of Romney/Ryan foreign policy ignorance, but didn’t want to belabor the issue. And Republican comments on the subject were even more indirect: The above-mentioned massive increase in the defense budget, which must primarily be interpreted as a warning to China.


The rest of the world apparently doesn’t exist for U.S. voters, although it is more and more clear that the interaction, feedback, and interconnectivity of the financial markets are affecting the local economy. However, because that isn’t obvious enough, it isn’t mentioned.


During the financial crisis, this tendency toward isolationism grew stronger everywhere, even threatening to fragment the European Union again. But retreating into a smaller system in our connected world is in complete contradiction to force of fact, exemplified by the reality that not even big nations like the U.S. or Russia can be self-sufficient and maintain themselves as they stand today. The election campaign in the United States shows that politicians see a chance to score political points with voters by making every effort to obscure this aspect of reality.

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WILLIAM KERN (Worldmeets.US)
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  • ShannonLeee

    Not sure how you can critize Obama for not caring about th rest of the world.

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    the writer of the article SL, doesnt appear to read very widely … or listen to all media speech by various involved in elections. I’d just leave it at that.

    interesting question tho re all nations across eu. as well as elsewhere, where is their concern for the u.s. in terms of helping this nation? Non existent. Still. Quite a few still not having paid back loans. Quite a few still siphoning off US foreign aid.

    Not sure u.s. will continue to be able or willing to help others at level of $ and foreign advisors and military support as it has in past. Not isolationism. Just helping people right here in u.s. who are in struggle, the numbers of which have not been seen since 80 years ago.

    Other nations have my good will certainly, esp our allies, but others as well who are in peace with us, not trying to force us or drain our resources for messes they made themselves…. but our work is here right now. As it is for each nation hit with the absurdity of thinking they could live high off the hogs in their hierarchies and in various pet programs, and help the indigent and the faux indigent… without fiscal accounting…

    which is most every country in Eu as well as here and in the Americas and Africa and Asia. Some say oh Asia has $ coming out of their whatevers. Wait. China kites money in various ways just as all other nations have. It comes home eventually to all who have done so: The big collapse. Everyone acts surprised and dismayed. Arithmetic. On that CLinton was accurate.

  • Willwright

    I think the author is correct in one regard that most Americans don’t know much about other countries, only about 30% of us have passports. Of course in my overseas travels I have also encountered a lot of ignorance and misinformation about this country. It’s a two way street. He is correct that we(and other countries) have had isolationist tendencies in the past and certainly still today. But the world seems much more interconnected in trade and other areas which would seem very difficult to untangle today.

  • zephyr

    Right, Americans don’t seem to know a lot about other countries nor do they seem to care. I think it’s a problem and I chalk it up to the general trend of lacking curiosity about important things, meaning things not having to do with their high tech toys, their various entertainments, etc. That said, I appreciate the comments Dr. E makes. It seems we get pretty taken for granted and/or dissed by the rest of the world… until they need us to help with things nobody else can do.