In Utah this week the GOP nominated the daughter of Haitian immigrants for Congress

Here is how National Review covered it.

Here is how they took it at Daily Kos

Now I would hardly expect DK to say much positive about any Republican, or indeed anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders, but some of the comments certainly seem over the line, especially given that they respond to most critiques of President Obama with the racism card.

What a shock… double standards in politics…..

PATRICK EDABURN, Assistant Editor
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  • The_Ohioan

    Either they cleaned up the site after you linked (the author of the piece said some respondents might be trolls) or I’m missing something. I see nothing racist about saying Republicans have so few black members they could legitimately be called “tokens”.

  • rudi

    There are almost as many links to other news sites as comments. Which of the 15 comments are BAD? Now lets look at Fox News and their history of vile comments.

    Now Fox deleted 5000 comments, many were vile and hateful.

    Here is some of the intelligent comments at Fox in regards to Michele Obama.

    i can go to the zoo and get my picture taken with a Chimp.. same thing.


    ha. people have been trying to get a picture of bigfoot for years… but what makes her think her picture is worth that much money?


    Who in the he11 would be stupid enough to pay this Ghetto Queen any money at all to have a picture taken with her ?


    Is Michelle Gorilla Cookies off her hormone treatments again?


    I wouldn’t pay 5 cent to have my picture taken with Aunt J’obama.


    Why bother? There’re plenty of the similar in zoo.

  • StockBoyLA

    From the National Review article, “It dealt with it by cutting expenditures by $2 million and raising its property tax for the first time from 0.09 percent to 0.2 percent.”

    Good that there is one Republican who still has brains. Though honestly she seems more like a Democrat since she is willing to both reduce expenditures and raise taxes to reduce deficits.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to watch her progress if she is elected to Congress.

  • zephyr

    From the National Review article:

    “Mia Love is all about responsibility and holding people accountable.”

    Glad to hear it, but if accountability is so high on her list why is she a republican??