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Posted by on Apr 3, 2008 in Media | 4 comments

TV Channels: Where Is The ‘Real’ News…& The Views?


There seems to be a universal outcry at the deteriorating standards in the television channels worldwide. From India to Britain and the USA…there is a sense of general dismay that the TV channels are failing in their primary duty of initiating/explaining important issues of public interest, so essential in democracies to help people take informed decisions.

This subject needs wider scrutiny within and outside the media. The Independent on its opinion page has this to say about Britain: “At its best, TV is a tool of democracy, a way for us all to see our leaders being confronted with the truth. But instead, it largely consists of the airless circulation of ignorance, while the real decisions in the real world are taken somewhere else – beyond the awareness of us, the people.

“What is the effect on British politics when television coverage – the public’s main way of learning about how their country and planet is run – is distorted or disappears? Democracy doesn’t work properly.

“Vital issues simply aren’t explained to the public – so we cannot vote intelligently. While there are still oases of serious coverage – Newsnight, Panorama and Channel 4 News can be excellent – much of what remains is being corrupted. The BBC has given almost all its high-profile politics slots to Andrew Neil, whose bias is increasingly outrageous.”

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