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Posted by on Apr 28, 2011 in Media, Politics | 0 comments

Trump Upset By CBS’ Bob Schieffer Charge of Racism (UPDATED)

TMZ reports that Donald Trump, in an interview with them, was upset that CBS News’ Bob Schieffer said that Trump’s new attempted rhetorical dump — suggesting without using the words that Barack Obama got into Harvard Law School by affirmative action — is racism. Trump also claimed that he’s “not suggesting anything.” Really?

Here’s Schieffer’s comment:

Some things about this:

  • Oh, yes, Trump did indeed suggest as much and there are many examples. Hey, Don: when you’re through combing over your hair START HERE with this Google page and ask all of these websites and news services to retract what they’ve reported. And go to THIS PAGE on You Tube to watch yourself and others react to what you said.
  • Here’s one:

  • “Losing” Bob Schieffer so totally is a very bad omen for Trump for both his political and TV careers. As un-electable as he may have been before, it may be a sign that polls taken after Obama revealed Trump’s “investigators” who are finding surprising stuff were either incompetent or staffed by people like this may show a steep decline. Moreover, as reported here, he’s losing ratings on his TV show since it has a large liberal demographic and for some reason some viewers may now find the sight of him sickening. Schieffer is about as centrist as they come. He is the one who should have replaced Walter Cronkite — he is of the good “old school — and is often blasted by the left and right. I know how one independent voter has reacted to not just Trump but all of those who support or in any way enable him. I suspect this is Schieffer’s as well.
  • As TMZ notes, it sounds as if Trump is trying to inch back from his affirmative action claim — a claim as unsubstantiated as his birther claim and one that has set off a firestorm. Go HERE and HERE to see some reactions.
  • Mr. Scheiffer may I dare to utter the word I usually don’t?


    And Trump gives another response some will point to as evidence that he is racist. (Sooner or later NBC feel he’s not exactly terrific for their corporate image.)

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