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Posted by on Jan 23, 2016 in 2016 Presidential Election, Featured, Politics | 30 comments

Trump Stunned: Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg May Run for President


Trump was out in what some are calling, “early morning whining,” when he just learned that Michael Bloomberg, [conservative/moderate former mayor of New York City for practically an entire generation, for the majority of those who voted, just kept putting him back and wanting him back in office] has done two seemingly boldly aggressive things.

1. The first enraging Trump: It seems Bloomberg may have commissioned a blue ribbon study, but at least gotten hold of accurate numbers on Donald’s actual rather than brag-stated-wealth. It appears that Donald may have inflated his worth by about 5 times over, that he is actually in the 2.7-4B range. Rather than in the 10B or higher range he claims and often. He does have a brace of hotels and casinos, but also has the debt load and salaries and taxes etc that go with those and other matters.

So, Bloomberg it seems, announced the size discrepancy between big-fish claimed and actual minnow caught–that Trump’s wealth is much smaller than what Trump claimed as his total worth.

Donald has proclaimed that Bloomberg is a [fill in the blank][jealous], and though Im sure Bloomberg is not a-skeered –… Donald has proclaimed that Donald will not be ‘so nice’ to Bloomberg when he sees him again.

That’s it.

Where I come from, if a boxer came into the rope ring in the middle of the field at night, ready to fight to the blood, but said, ‘So, I will not be nice to you ever again’… well, let’s just say, the old boys at ringside on their camp chairs would be saying “He got nothing… empty bag wind blows through.’

But then running New York City for years is a far far cry from owning some hotels, spas, tourist gaming joints, regarding world view. Trump’s zeitgeist is a small aspect that hangs under the many many thousands of agenda and negotiative items of Bloomberg’s governmental experience. Bloomberg’s experiences in policy and the laws, in huge budgets and more, would never fit even the camel’s nose under Trump’s tent which is much smaller in comparison, budget-wise, experience, legal-court system, and responsibility-wise.

2. The second part of “Donnie’s most horrible terrible awful day” came as news hit the wires now that Bloomberg has unleashed a torrent of ‘investigators’ and analysts to measure what it would take for Bloomberg to run for–and win– the nomination for President of the United States of America. And the Presidency. You can read more on NYT article here.

Analyses on that, just on the street, is that many are stunned too, for they thought the choice was going to only be between Trump and Cruz, and many were giddy at what they thought was Trump’s shoe in, while others were seriously sickened at the prospects of Trump.

But, in all, I’d remind of three things:

a) Not so long ago in the nomination roster, at this time in the campaigns, it was GOP Herman Caine who was ahead by ga-jillion points. Herman, who?


b) Also, remember a couple months ago I mentioned that I believe Newt, McCain, Rove, and other GOP behemoths are behind the scenes doing their own fact gathering and investigations and planning to take down at the knees any Gop-er whom they find, as does Bloomberg apparently, reprehensible –and may press hard to put their own guy[s] in instead. Wait for it. No doubt there are fervid meetings going on as we speak.

Bloomberg may only be the first volley of the ‘wait till you see the whites of their eyes,’ [although in Trump’s case, it might be the ‘white’ *around* his eyes that people in spa businesses claim are from plastic goggles worn in tanning beds in order to get that kind of orangeman hue of skin in the dead of winter, that is no longer pasty pale. Don’t know about the latter…

c) But the third thing is that IF Bloomberg enters the nom. race, he can outspend Trump, for Bloomberg himself, according to Forbes is worth somewhere in the 36.7 B dollar range of wealth– many many times greater than Trump’s’s actual. [Trump apparently ‘frequently claims his net worth is greater than $10 billion. However, other reports have put that number far lower. Forbes values Trump’s net worth at $4 billion. Forbes values Bloomberg, who has his own media and financial empire, at, as mentioned, $36.7 billion. Forbes]

Trump has bragged that he is invincible because he doesn’t take money from anyone.

Now there is a bigger fish circling who wouldn’t have to take money from anyone either.

We shall see.

Some out of the gate are saying Bloomsberg can’t win cause he may run as an Independent. They seem to have forgotten the HUGE foothold Ross Perot got as an Indie. Bloomberg is pro-life and pro choice, as the woman chooses. He is pro balanced budgets, pro clean up crime, pro reasoned gun control/ and pro reasoned immigration. He doesn’t call the poor names. He goes by the laws of the land. Given what we’ve been seeing in wild hay makers being thrown by some of the candidates, Bloomberg looks ready for the ring.

Again, we shall see.

Julie Angel Saad /

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  • rudi
  • JSpencer

    Bloomberg could be the Piranha swimming into Trump’s goldfish bowl. 😉

  • dduck

    Bloomberg should NOT be serious unless Hillary quits. It would just muddy the already cloudy campaign race waters. Without Hillary, I still say it is too late to join this charade.
    My three cents.

  • Right now… first impression without digging into policy… I’d vote for Bloomberg before any one of the top 2 in either party.

    • Sal Monela

      Same here.

    • adelinesdad

      Probably me too.

  • StockboyLA

    I’d consider voting for Bloomberg. Until then: Go O’Malley!

  • Go Michael B., Go!

    It would probably make this the most interesting presidential elections ever.

    It may create chaos in both Republican and Democratic campaigns, but, I believe, a chaos that will shake up both camps and benefit the voters as both — all three perhaps – camps will have to get serious. sensible, voters- and and issues-oriented.

    Just promise, Michael, not to make the ban on giant slurpees nationwide. 🙂

    • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

      Thanks Dorian, I liked that you wrote this, for it is the core of what many hope for: “…benefit the voters as both — all three perhaps – camps will have to get serious. sensible, voters- and and issues-oriented…”

      Heartful and logical.

    • Brownies girl

      Dorian, if Bloomberg ran, what would he run as? Republican, Democrat or Independent? I honestly don’t know!

      • That is the $64K question, BG. I don’t think he will run as a Rep. But whether he runs as an Independent or Democrat, either way it will have a significant impact on the elections. If he runs as Independent he may be able to siphon enough votes from both reps and Dems to be a viable candidate.

        In my opinion, if he decides to run — in any capacity — he will throw the races wide open. Just a layman’s opinion…

    • dduck

      And, don’t forget he will want Federal “stop and frisk”, and he did break the rules to run for a third time. There is plenty for the other two parties to go after him about,but mostly from the Dems. Slurp away, not, and you will eat your veggies.

      • A lot of the unpleasant things Bloomberg is remembered for have to do with the specific challenges of running one of the biggest cities in the world. They might not translate to the way he would govern the nation as a whole. I am a committed Dem, but would take a second look at Bloomberg, even if he ran as a Republican

        • KP

          “They might not translate to the way he would govern the nation as a whole.”

          This is true, which makes it challenging to elect a successful president.

          Doesn’t it make more sense to elect a governor?(!)

          Say, a governor of California?(!)

          Iowa or New Hampshire?(!)

          I want Cali to vote first so my vote matters 🙂

          I have never been called by a poll and seldom see ads, bumper stickers or yard posters on a stick.

          Hope the rest of America will catch up 25 years later 🙂

        • adelinesdad

          Maybe not, but I think if any locality’s specific challenges can be compared to the challenges faced by the United States as a whole, it would be New York. For example, if Bloomberg was willing to put in “unpleasant” policies to combat crime in New York, what would his policies to combat global terrorism look like? Would they similarly sacrifice freedom for security?

          I haven’t looked at Bloomberg’s specific policy proposals, and I would give him a look too, but I don’t think we can dismiss his record as mayor so easily.

  • JSpencer

    Sure, it will be interesting if he decides to run, but he’s still too conservative for my taste. He’s indicated in the past he believes entitlements should be cut and that the poor and middle class don’t pay enough taxes – which tells me he doesn’t have much grasp of how folks live on the other side of the tracks. Maybe he’s just trying to throw a little fear into Trump and Clinton.

    • I like the fact that he’s taken on the NRA and is not an ideologue. Closest thing we have to a centrist. If he runs as an independent he’d just throw the race to either extreme

      • dduck

        If you think Trump will step on liberal toes, wait till you get Bloomberg with Executive Order powers, the NRA will scream and their fringe nuts will provoke out and out warfare and insurrection. Yes, he will get things done (with Army support), but soon enough you will hear moaning from Dems and Reps alike. Careful what you wish for.
        I would love for him to get in, but you liberals and you conservatives will go bananas. You will be crying for a Clinton (a Rep lite) or a Bernie (nice but ineffectual).

        • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

          I doubt both of whichever of the many sides would be ‘crying.’ People cry out over many many things. It’s life. . I’d give most people far more credit than one-sided ‘loyalties’ however.

          |I’d also mention that should anyone, doesnt matter who “provoke out and out warfare* and insurrection” as you wrote… any sitting president would likely call in national guard. People ‘playing militia’ -while anyone having a gun with bullets can kill- are no match for an army, air force, navy, whatever it takes to keep others in proximity safe as possible. But, as you wrote ‘fringe nuts’ some would say are the operative words that are the basis for many harms to others, no matter what/whom we’re speaking about, leaving guns out of it for the moment. I wouldnt call them ‘fringe nuts.’ I’d call people who appear to be without the patience to file for redress for ‘wrongs’ that would then need to be proven in a court of law. Oddly claiming a couple rights, without using several of them.

          • Um…what would you call them? (the not-fringe-nuts, that is)

            I’m curious, because I need a good name for the people in Western Oregon.

          • Bob Munck

            I need a good name for the people in Western Oregon.


          • People are screaming now- that is what they do. There were plenty of liberals who were disenchanted with Obama- who has probably been the most liberal inhabitant of the WH during our lifetime.
            Bill Clinton? no
            Jimmy Carter? no– he was actually fairly conservative-but became more liberal as an ex-president
            JFK? Tax cuts and fiscal conservative, who expanded the efforts in Vietnam, and was vehemently anti-Castro
            LBJ– liberal domestically but fervent war hawk

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    you mean, people who are measured and reasoned? I’d just call them thoughtful people. I think one can be discerning no matter what angle one might be coming from… but the thoughtful try to see all the angles, weigh them, analyze them, not just their own preconceived one[s].

    It’s not pounce and blurt because one sees one side of the barn and calls its color red. I’d say a thoughtful person knows they dont know what color[s] the other sides of the barn are -until/ unless one walks all around the barn in daylight.

    • JSpencer

      “but the thoughtful try to see all the angles, weigh them, analyze them, not just their own preconceived one[s]”

      That is the ever-present challenge…

  • GrantS

    It’s interesting. I believe Bloomberg would affect both parties, but would hurt republicans more. Hilary will have solid females support (and some men, yes!) but Bloomberg would split the rest. He won’t get Bernie’s voters, that’s for sure. A debate with Clinton, Trump and Bloomberg would be fantastic.

    Or maybe Bloomberg would slip in during a brokered convention

    • adelinesdad

      He won’t get Bernie supporters and he won’t get Trump supporters either. The question is how many of the Dems and Reps that are unsatisfied with their nominee will he get. Based on the poll I linked in another comment, it’s not clear that his entering the race would hurt Republicans more.

  • adelinesdad

    At this time in the 2012 cycle, Herman Cain had already dropped out of the race. There is no counterpart to Trump’s sustained polling strength in the 2012 cycle.

    The article repeatedly refers to Bloomberg possibly entering and disrupting the nomination race. All the news reports I’ve read say that he would run as an Independent (no nomination necessary), which makes sense when looking both at his political views as well as the logistics of the race (it’s way too late to enter a primary race). With that in mind, it’s not clear that Trump should be concerned about him entering the race. I don’t see how it would hurt his nomination prospects and could just as well help him in the general:

    “In a two-way race, Clinton edges out Trump by a 44 to 42 percent margin, with 14 percent of voters saying they are undecided. In a match-up including Bloomberg, however, Clinton’s support declines by 8 points, to 36 percent, and Trump’s support declines by 5 points, to 37 percent.”

    I’m afraid it will not be so easy to get rid of Trump.

    • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

      Are you talking about some other article? This article does not speculate Bloomberg would horn in on dem or rep nom race. It says amongst other things, B has far more $ than Donald, who has bragged he is dependent on no one, and is spending his own money [which is hard to imagine that some have not been busy throwing money at their fav guy Trump]. Some think he would run as an indie, but I hear through the grapevine two things; he has met with high up repub leaders who want him to run, and second that he may run as a kind of shadow cand, to draw votes away from Donald. I think as in the last many elections at nat. level, many things are possible, but also,the msm sideshow about minor matters made into VERY IMPORTANT matters, is another topic altogether. The stories and opines are extremely fragmented this time around. FOr instance, speaking to actual people in Iowa in the past week, about a dozen, they have many interesting and thoughtful things to say that NEVER would be/ are not reported by msm from repub or democ point of view. It may be that the opacity and inch deep news of the msm is actually the bigger story in this incessant nomin process.

      • adelinesdad

        “…to measure what it would take for Bloomberg to run for–and win– the nomination for President of the United States of America.”

        “Nomination” implies a party nomination race. And the assertion that he would take away votes from Trump implies the GOP nomination race. I haven’t heard that reported from any other source and am very skeptical he would enter the race that way.

        But if that’s not what you meant, and you are referring to the general election with B running as an independent, then I’d point to the link I posted to argue that B’s running doesn’t necessarily hurt Trump in the general election. It’s probably too early to tell, really.

        So either way I disagree with your take on this one. But that’s just my amateur political punditry for you.

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