Ok, move the deck chairs about: but his Titanic won’t this danger surmount

For a long six months, it seemed like the man who claimed during his campaign that he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue, shoot somebody and still not lose any votes, would really get away with any and every heinous offense.

Every time Trump committed one of those utterly odious transgressions, regular folks were hoping, “Is this the beginning of the end?”

The printed and electronic media are replete with articles reflecting such wishful thinking.

Here is, for example, The New Yorker’s “Is the Comey Memo the Beginning of the End for Trump?” in May of this year.

David Remnick at The New Yorker concludes:

As Evan Osnos has pointed out, Trump will survive until he loses the Republican Party. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are not likely to act out of an attack of moral conscience. But at some point, and it may come soon, they will begin to feel political pressure—pressure from Republican constituents in swing states and districts; pressure on their own reputations—and their patience with Trump will run out.

Two months later, are we finally at that point?

Now that Trump is bandying about desperate, guilt-ridden threats to pardon “relatives, aides and possibly himself,” is enough, enough?

This author hopes so, and so does my friend, the poet, who writes that Trump himself may very well see the end coming and has started rearranging the chairs on his Titanic:

There is real Panic
On Trump’s ship: The Titanic

As he rearranges the deck chairs
The icebergs loom closer: they are everywhere
While he loudly shouts: “the fake news is not fair”
Can’t they see: “there is no there — there”

As he approaches a legal ice shelf
He has no one to blame but himself
Trump was never prepared to be commander-in-chief
He’s just a thin-skinned autocrat and white-collar thief

Starting with a private business he inherited then expanded
He could do what he wanted; he could do it single-handed
The thrice-married Playboy got his way, many a sub-contractor he didn’t pay
When his wild gambles cause bankruptcy: He really lost his moral way

Evidence is piling up: investigators are digging into his past with glee
Trump fired the FBI Director: “To take off the Russia pressure,” said he
His own family and campaign aides are implicated in Russian collusion
He hints at firing Special Counsel Mueller to avoid an iceberg collision

His staff looks foolish and clearly ineffective as he Tweets uncontrollably
He acts just like the self-centered businessman of old: Impulsively
Intellectual pursuits? Pro Wrestling and Reality TV with him we associate
No legislation does he formulate: nor deals does he successfully negotiate

Rather than looking into himself to determine who for his mess is to blame
He rants about other’s shortcomings: it’s others he defames
Now he tries to run everything himself: isn’t that how he gained his fame?
But the job is too big: it needs teamwork and compromise for success to gain

It is now clear that this egotistical spoiled rich kid, dressed up as a man
Is neither intellectually nor morally fit to run this great land
As the investigations narrows in: his financial crimes will do him in
Ok, move the deck chairs about: but his Titanic won’t this danger surmount

Lead image – Credit: Susan, A palette knife painting of the Titanic. Flickr

Dorian de Wind, Military Affairs Columnist
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