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Posted by on Feb 27, 2017 in Crime, Economy, Education, Refugees, War | 0 comments

Is TRUMP/ GOP poised to decimate poor families?

Funding for school lunch programs is one of several things reportedly at risk.

As if pointing their daggers at dismantling health care for the poor is not enough.

Will with Trump’s new directive to ‘cut,’ domestic programs and bloat military ones, amount to ‘take downers’ going after the low and no income people’s access to food support with almost 20 percent of the nation already in degrees of no-job food scarcity.

Stay tuned.

‘The Blob is on its way!!!!’ people screamed in the 1950s horror movie by same name. The Blob was a many stories’ tall, oddly-colored gelatinous blob, rolling wobbly and relentlessly down the roads and streets, absorbing into its endlessly hungry-greedy yuck mass, all innocents in its path.

We will see what the GOP is made of after their town meetings and their lack of town meetings … yet all receiving the same message; the highness’s throne is in jeopardy if one proceeds to allow orders that strip the needy and the poor, the innocent and the honest– away from decent human support.

Especially egregious is ANY idea to free up some money to build more devastating killing toys by weakening and killing off citizens who are vulnerable without medicines, medical attention and food.
That is not a nation of persons, it is a nation of predators on persons.

The taking away of needful people’s food supplementation, including those that support food and milk for mothers and children, federal funding for foods at schools and Head Start, and severing access to timely and low cost and EFFECTIVE medical care, cannot stand. Cannot be allowed to take place. Cannot.

What will the majority GOP House and Senate do if there is a “presidential request” to hack and slash through the safety nets so literally millions of under-resourced souls will fall through, some to their deaths?

Then, depending on what the GOP controlled congress does, what will citizens who care about their nation and the vulnerable persons in it, do to effectively counter?

I remember the starvation, purposeful of millions, by Stalin while he feasted with his pals, by monarchs of England in the outlying isles in order to seize land and fill the king’s already overflowing monstrous coffers while the fat kings feasted with their buddies…

the purposeful interruption of food supply chain in Congo and Biafra with the corrupt at the top intercepting needed food and water and selling it for profit instead of giving it in mercy, and the egregious delays in bringing lifegiving water and food to the people on the bridge at a ruined and toxic watered NOLA after Katrina whilst instead airlifting students out of Tulane.

Are we in that time again, wherein a lividly rich layer at the top publicly feasts while causing harms to the vulnerable?

I only know this for sure. Conscience and mercy are like the North Star. They do not drift. They remain fixed, in hearts and minds that hold to care of the world in more ways than one. Oddly, the majority of the persons I know who are in true need, are generous beyond generous, kind beyond kind. They are, in their own ways, even in duress, North Stars.

We will see if the GOP Congress majority, will live/ act likewise toward the vulnerable. Remembering that ‘access’ to food is not the same as affording it. That ‘access’ to choices in health care, has NOTHING to do with affording them. Having a ‘savings account or vouchers’ that fall far short of decent care and food, has nothing to do with making sure those in need have care and adequate food.

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