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Posted by on Jan 8, 2010 in Health, Politics | 5 comments



Eric Allie,

This cartoon is copyrighted and licensed to appear on TMV. Unauthorized repoduction prohibited. All rights reserved.

  • JSpencer

    We’re pretty conditioned for instant gratification in this culture eh?

  • spirasol

    Well there’s instant gratification, and then there’s sensing a turn taken …….different from the one described in the brochure.

    • dduck12


  • ProfElwood

    A bigger concern than the lack of transparency in law-making, is the lack of transparency in the laws themselves. The secretary of the treasury (TARP funds), the health secretary (the health care bill under consideration), and Federal Reserve (instead of Glass-Steagall), to name just a few, are being considered as groups that will decide rules instead of having laws lay them out.

    The TARP fiasco, where senators and representatives were influencing decisions about which companies got to live, which ones died, and which ones got bought out, should have reminded people why this is a bad idea. Well, that and a few thousand years of proof in history.

  • $199537

    Expecting transparency after someone’s been in office for a year is demanding instant gratification?

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