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Posted by on Jun 25, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

Torture, Guantanamo, relative morality, and national honor

I am about to go on a two week vacation. After the news in recent weeks regarding the idiotic remarks of Senator Richard Durbin and Karl Rove, coupled with the ongoing Guantanamo shouting match, the passage in the House of Representatives of an anti-flag burning amendment, and the approval of eminent domain seizures in the name of private development, I need it because otherwise my incredulous anger might consume me.

I have some parting thoughts posted on the Guantanamo prison, the Durbin/Rove idiocy, the current political climate of relative morality, and our national honor at my weblog Random Fate.

Until I return, Joe Gandelman, the proprietor of The Moderate Voice, has agreed to guest post at Random Fate along with several other bloggers. I would like to thank Joe for his help, along with the opportunity he has given me to post at his site here.

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