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Posted by on Nov 14, 2013 in International, Politics, Scandals | 1 comment

Toronto’s Mayor Ron Ford Jumps the Ocean

Oh my God…

This is a family friendly site that uses newspaper standards. But there is a new quote from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who makes resigned San Diego Mayor Bob Filner look like a credit to Filner’s city. The latest is not something we would run on TMV. His latest involves some adult language — so if you want to read it GO HERE.

Also read this on North America’s favorite media quote machine.

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  • Oh my God…

    We’ve been saying this all day long — OH. MY. GOD. ohhhhmyyyygaawwwwwd! HOLY SH******TTTT! You name it.

    There is no way to get rid of this insane and troubled man — he won’t leave and there’s no rules in place to depose him. There’s talk of pushing the election up a few months, so everyone can vote. We await with bated breath what the decision will be coming out of Council and the provincial government.

    Meantime, there’s half the population in this city that can’t wait for it to be over — the other half will miss this real life
    reality show. Am not sure where I sit exactly — coffee klatches are springing up all over the city. Newspaper sales are going through the roof. The dailies are happy with rising circulation — that’s the only upside.

    And Christmas just 6 weeks away. My good lord!!!!! A year to remember in this town. And maybe next year too.

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