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Posted by on Nov 8, 2013 in Featured, International, Politics, Scandals | 3 comments

Toronto mayor pressured to quit after video rant (Guest Voice)

EDITOR’s NOTE: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is starring in another embarrassing video. This time when he’s on what appears to be a drunken rant. WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE:

Toronto mayor pressured to quit after video rant (via AFP)

Toronto’s embattled Mayor Rob Ford faced mounting pressure Friday to quit, as his lawyer announced he was considering addiction treatment after admitting to smoking crack cocaine and having alcohol problems. The leader of Canada’s biggest city has been…


    Canadians have never been as polite as we like to think we are. But Mayor Ford embarrasses us all. A thirteen year old boy recently wrote a letter Ford. “If I acted like you,” he wrote, “my parents would ground me for life.”

  • Canadians have never been as polite as we like to think we are.

    True enough, Owen – but somehow, I’m not embarrassed by this man — I’m just profoundly sad. It’s fairly obvious to most of us that the man has a huge problem. Not just alcohol but also drugs of some sort, and lord knows, there are gonna be bombs dropped periodically for the next couple of weeks. Videos, other evidence — you name it. There are folks who say if he takes a couple of weeks off to straighten out, he’ll be OK, but it’s gonna take longer than that. NO ONE, no one, smokes crack ONE time only. His problems will take years to heal and then, ONLY if he agrees to undergo treatment. If he doesn’t, he’ll be dead soon. He’s out of control, it seems. I live a kilometre from his office — we, all of us in this ‘hood — we know what he HAS to face in order to save his life — deep treatment.

    It took years for him to reach this point — it will take years to crawl out of the hole he’s dug for himself. We put him on the prayer list this morning at church, maybe it’ll help, who knows. We deserve a better mayor — maybe we’ll get one next October but in the meantime — watching this happen is just plain sad and frustrating and hugely demoralizing.

    And despite all the foofraw about his popularity rising in the wake of all this media attention — it’s not, really it’s not.
    You can’t quote a poll taken on 100 – 200 people when you’ve only polled the people outside of the downtown area. That’s inadequate and definitely not accurate. Rob Ford needs help – despite the fact that he’s been a fairly mediocre mayor, to stand around and delight in his downfall, it just seems to not reflect the kind of people we really are, which is kind, understanding — but really, he has to go into treatment — hard core treatment. Whether he’ll do it, who knows?

    Barring that, we need, in this city, a means to remove a mayor who’s unable to continue. That we don’t have that means is, to me, staggeringly stupid. The future, at least the next 2 to 3 weeks future, doesn’t look good.

  • One other thing I’ve found from this weekend’s newspapers — a wonderful column by Jim Doyle who writes for the Toronto Star. This describes, so incredibly well, what rehab is all about.

    Jim knows what he’s talking about. The last line, the one in italics, says it all. He’s been there. I had a brother who went through the same ordeal – for crack addiction. He told me what it was like — in the end, he didn’t make it. So few with crack addiction ever do. I miss him every day. He was a psychiatric nurse with 30 years service and PTSD — a horrible way to end a career. Our mayor needs help — the city does too — he needs to go, but in order to save his life, he needs to recognize what’s gone wrong in his life .

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