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Posted by on Aug 4, 2011 in Business, Economy, Education, Energy, Health, Law, Politics, Science & Technology, Society | 21 comments

Too Many Notes, Too Many Laws

it’s not like in the film Amadeus, wherein the dunderheaded Emperor pettishly snaps to Mozart about his newest composition, “Too many notes, too many notes.” The Emporerr didnt know what he was talking about.

But, a sizeable group of people in the USA do know when there are Too many laws, Too many laws!

I have been thinking for some time when our local congressman asked us to help find docs to live and work in rural areas…I thought shut down all the turf and trade protectionism laws, make medical school one year long for simple diagnosis, prescribing and treatment, make that year cost under 10 grand, graduate people and send them into the world. You will have doctors galore capable of dealing with 90% of all ailments. No malpractice payments, no law suits, no huge union called the AMA, no protectionist turfists, no bs continuing ed for docs yearly done wherever there is a golf course. Just helping the people get well and stay well. Old fashioned dedication.

Don’t get me started. Yesterday I spoke to an electrician working to help me set some porch lights. Four years to be a qualified electrician. Four years. Yet, I can, as a homeowner, go down and get a permit to wire my own house with a two week course of study. What insane state officials and local officials decided this? Never mind. I know. “The Somebodies.” As usual. Unless you can be glued to the tv or go downtown for the subterranean city council meetings, you have NO idea what laws, rules, policies, what maruauders, exploiters, naive people are being passed on with sceptre or sword.

There’s an old story told in my father’s family who are from the farms: I’ll tell you a bit of it here. It’s about a miracle spring, the water of which was so sweet. Everyone had access. But some came along and said, that needs to be protected. We need to license it so people dont use fake water to sell far and wide, conning people. So they built a house over the spring. Then they decided some people were taking too much water. The spring was not drying up. It was just that some were afraid it would dry up. So they locked the doors of the house and it was only open by permit. It was so easy to gain a permit, it had to be made harder, because too many people thought the freedom of the water, the free use of the water, belonged to them, as birthright or something. What were they thinking! They had to be stopped, disabused of that sick belief. And on it went until a group of foreign warlords heard of the spring, and overcame the house and the squabbling villages all around, and now had sole control of the spring. The warlords made sure to enslave the people into bottling the water and driving it worldwide, selling it at higher and higher prices, all profits coming only to the thugs. And somewhere, somehow, everyone forgot the sweetness of the water, and the freedom of the water –and themselves– for now life only revolved around how to slave or enslave.

From where I stand on the molehill, I see we are so clogged by laws, licenses, policies, rules, have tos, musts, that we can barely move to do what many of us believe we were set on earth to do… be free, free others.

To live any other way than free because one fears ‘the 29,000 perils’… to not be free to make, create, help, heal, write, hold, make, do with one’s life as one sees fit with no harm to others… seems to me to not be anarchy but gold plated assininity. Unless one believes all humans are infants who need to constantly be told what to do. I’ve been to law school, I know the essence of the law is as much peace between human beings as possible, as much clarity and justice as possible by human sights. The Law was never meant to be an ever increasing and pernicious pestilence that enslaves the best intents and interests of full-hearted humans.

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