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Posted by on Jul 31, 2016 in Politics | 4 comments

To find a good president, start by finding a good listener

Cartoonist Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, raised a ruckus three days ago when he posted this on Twitter:

On first blush, someone reading that might think that Adams supports Donald Trump for president. Trump has no experience in either elected or appointed political office.

In fact though, Adams supports Hillary Clinton for president. He was simply making a point. He believes that political experience is unnecessary to be president.

As a pastor, I don’t give my personal political preferences. But I am a student of history, particularly of presidential history. I also study leadership. I’ve spent more than thirty years as a pastor, a servant leader in and from the Church. I’ve also spent countless hours over the years picking the brains of leaders, trying to learn all I could on the subject.

And here’s what I think about Adams’ thesis: He’s right. “Experience,” at least as we commonly think of it–as political experience, is irrelevant in a president.

[To read the entire post, go here.]

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