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  • As a Jew, I’m pretty offended that old Krauty can’t laugh this off. Wait until he sees the Bruno movie!

    I go into detail about the deep, underlying issues of this madness on my blog.

  • I used be to be much hipper when I was younger.

    Now I find myself off-put by condescension humor unless it is making fun of hypocrisy.

  • Paul, have you watched the movie?

    Pete, I put the link in the post.

  • Haven’t seen the movie yet. I was reacting to having scene all of the Da Ali G shows.

  • Rudi

    Charles must have not much to write about today. When Shia are torching Sunni this should be a bigger story than Borat.

  • Dr. Don Key

    Social conservatives are boring and uptight, with the latter being a causality of the former. I haven’t seen “Borat” yet, but after seeing the ads and reading about the synopsis, I’m sure that I’ll enjoy it. Lighten up a little bit, Charles–it’s called satire. That’s the difference between “Borat” and Michael Richards.

  • Yeah, I think Krauty is relieved that the Shia aren’t mocking the Sunni.

    Thanks, Michael.

  • Marlowecan

    Paul has a point here, I think…that Michael &Co. are overlooking.

    I found “Borat” hilarious on my first viewing, but there was something niggling about the film that was unsettling.

    Watching it again, I was struck by the condescension. As folks here may know, the people in the village of Glod, Romania – that subbed for Borat’s home in Kazahstan – are very upset about how they were portrayed. People had no idea they were being referred to as the village rapist etc.

    Cohen is not particularly funny at improv. himself. He is, I would argue, a lot like Richards in being a highly intense comic actor focused on interaction through a single character with a number of standard gags. Note the YouTube video of a guy at the Borat premiere posing as his brother “Horat” and doing the same schtick back at Cohen. No improvisational response…just Cohen being so pissed he almost steps out of character in front of the camera!

    It is alright for him to “take the piss” (to use a Brit. expression) on Southern “simpletons”…but NO ONE mocks Cohen.

    Also, Krauthammer was responding as much to Cohen article in Rolling Stone about his focus being to attack anti-Semitism with Borat.

    If that is one of Cohen’s objectives with this character, why does he not go to Manchester or sundry areas of absolutely rampant Islamic anti-Semitism in his native Britain?

    There is a double standard of condescension here — as the creators of “South Park” showed in their more incisive comic critique on the Islamic cartoon issue.

    Liberals believe it is permissable to make fun of Southerners…Muslims are untouchable.

    I believe mocking Muslims (or any religion, I think) can even earn you a jail sentence in the UK these days. Rowan Atkinson (of “Mr Bean” &”Blackadder” fame) was one of the British comedians who openly challenged this proposed legislation.

  • Marlowecan

    BTW: The village of Glod…it’s name means “mud” (not joking)…received nada from Cohen and co. for the pleasure of having their visages shown and mocked worldwide.

    They are trying to sue, but they have absolutely no money as they were one of the most desperately poor villages in a pretty impoverished country.

    You know…the second time I saw the film I had a thought:

    Why didn’t Cohen film this village in one of the desert Islamic countries lining the Med….Tunisia, for example, could easily double as Kazakstan. Tunisia also was the film site for Star Wars and Monty Python, so has the technology. It is low income and probably even closer by air to the UK than Romania.

    However, if Cohen mocked a village of Muslims, I can imagine some group putting a fatwa on his head faster than he could say allahu akbar.

    Altogether safer to mock impoverished Christians.

  • Rubyeyes

    I saw the movie it was funny and I laughed like a fool – my wife “not so much”. She now says “I owe her” for going to see it.

  • Dr. Don Key

    The good news is that rightwing extremist Republicans were soundly defeated on November 7th. Republicans never figured out that America is moderate-to-conservative, rather than conservative-to-conservative. Expect Democrats to restore civil liberties that Republicans have chipped away at, one at a time. If you’re a proponent of free speech, be thankful for the Supreme Court’s decision, which is portrayed in “The People Vs. Larry Flynt.” If the right-leaning Supreme Court had sided with rightwing radical Falwell, perhaps films such as “Borat” would never have been made, or would have been made with less humor. Rightwing-extremist Republicans talk a lot about dying for Democracy, but they hate living with it.

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