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Posted by on Sep 18, 2013 in At TMV, Economy, Finance, Politics, Society | 10 comments

Time To Dump Both The Democratic And Republican Parties

In the 1990s Bill Clinton bought into Robert Rubins’ brand of Goldman Sachs economics, and wedded the Democratic Party to Wall Street. Barack Obama carried on this Wall Street-super-friendly brand of economic policy-making. Here’s the results:

The Tea Party came into existence and to a horrifying extent has shaped national priorities. It has done this by tapping into populist disgust with Wall Street in ways that disguise many of its own one percent advancing priorities.

The progressive sector of the Democratic Party has long been quietly irritated by the so-called “centrist” behavior of President Obama and his inner Wall Street-adoring circle. But in recent months is finally coming into the open with harsher and harsher criticism of this group and its economic views. Alas, too late, years after the Tea Party has wrapped itself in an anti-Wall Street mantel.

Will progressives now take back the Democratic Party from centrist Wall Street and one percent enablers who have been so helpful in creating our present Club for Growth economic recovery? Frankly, I doubt. The centrists’ next Wall Street beard is Hilary, who has the Democratic establishment slobbering, and Wall Street money ready for its next big con job.

We need a new national party in this country. A Middle Class Party that genuinely represents the interests of this huge majority of Americans, with policies that prevent more of them from falling into poverty or near poverty.

Dump the Democrats. Dump the Republicans. Save the middle class from both these corrupt and unredeemable entities with a new national political party.

Michael Silverstein’s newest book is The Devil’s Dictionary Of Wall Street

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