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Posted by on Feb 29, 2008 in Media, Politics, Religion | 3 comments

Tim Goeglein, director of White House office of public liaison, plagiarizes, then apologizes

So writes Nancy Nall.

The plagiarism involves Tim Goeglein lifting the work of Jeffrey Hart.

Nall’s conclusion says it all:

I mentioned at the top of this post that I feel bad about what I’m going to do here. (I stole that line, by the way; it’s Nora Ephron’s opening for her devastating profile of Dorothy Schiff’s New York Post. Now that I’ve given credit, it’s not plagiarism, it’s an homage. See how it works?) I feel bad because my old buddy Leo Morris, who edits the op-ed pages, is going to bear the brunt of this — the investigation, the uncomfortable announcement to readers, the search through the archives for more time bombs, the embarrassment of being took by someone any editor would trust, a self-styled intellectual and senior White House aide, for crying out loud. But either this stuff is important or it isn’t, and I say it is.

Post-script: Plagiarist comes clean.

“It is true,” Tim Goeglein wrote to The Journal Gazette in an e-mail. “I am entirely at fault. It was wrong of me. There are no excuses.”

He said he wrote to the author of the essay, Jeffrey Hart “to apologize, and do so categorically and without exception.”

Goeglein has worked in the Bush White House since 2001. He formerly worked for then-Sen. Dan Coats, R-Ind.

The News-Sentinel removed Goeglein’s column from its Web site Friday morning.

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