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Posted by on Nov 27, 2009 in Breaking News, Health, Society | 7 comments

Tiger Woods Said to Be Seriously Injured in SUV Accident


UPDATE from Dr. E:

ESPN Reports:

“The highway patrol first reported Woods’ injuries as serious, though Woods spokesman, Glenn Greenspan, said Friday afternoon that the golfer was treated at the hospital and released in good condition. A statement from the hospital, as well as Greenspan’s statement, termed the accident as “minor.”

The Florida Patrol spokesperson said “serious injuries” are those requiring more than on the spot minor medical attention. The Florida Highway Patrol said Tiger’s face was cut, and that the airbags did not deploy in the SUV because the vehicle was apparently traveling under the speed required for airbags to fly open: +33 MPH+.

First report earlier:
These are the only facts we have at the moment:

Leaving his home in Florida, Tiger Woods apparently hit a fire hydrant and his SUV was sent into a tree. First reports are no alcohol involved, and possibly no seat belt. His model of Cadillac SUV may have had no airbag deployment… but those latter two items are not verified at this time.

I think the world of Tiger Woods. As a bi-racial person, I was not the only one to be glad to see he was one of the first to let the public know that he was proud of all his heritages… and thus in him, we saw a new generation had arrived, not one any longer held down and where possible ‘attempting to pass’ in order to try to stay out of harms way. Here instead was a guy who made up a name for his rich heritages… Woods, whose mother is Asian-American and whose father was African-American, calls himself: “Calibasian.”

He refused the either/or racial grid that the overculture had for decades tried to nail us all into a too small cell.

And then of course, when some made fun of his way of seeing himself as Calibasian, he ground them to ashes with the power of his prowess and intensity in golf.

Some thereby gave grudging admiration. Others think he hung the moon. I imagine most will join us in hoping he is alright and can be mended up to best possible outcome.

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