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Posted by on Nov 30, 2009 in Arts & Entertainment, Society | 11 comments

Tiger Woods Double Standard ?

Most of us have heard the story of Tiger Woods and his car accident and there do seem to be some open quesions.

The official version is that he drove his Escalade into a tree and that his wife used a golf club to smash out the back window and then dragged him to safety.

The problem with that story is that she weighs about 125 lbs and he weighs about 185. He’s also several inches taller than her. And most importantly the drivers door of the vehicle did not appear to be seriously damaged.

So it raises the question of why she wouldn’t have simply pulled him out there.

In addition there are reports that Tiger has been cheating on her and that they were having a major fight at the time of the accident. She reportedly attacked him in the house and when he fled, attacked the car with the golf club, causing the damage.

Obviously we will never know for sure and whatever decision Tiger has made regarding the incident is his decision to make.

But just switch out the roles. Assume it was Elin (Mrs. Woods) who had tried to drive away, assume she had scratches on  her face like Tiger did, assume she was found unconcious on the ground by the police. Assume further that both parties told the accident story.

Do you really think the police would drop it or do you think they would push harder to investigate a man beating a woman ?

TMZ reports that the Florida Highway Patrol is seeking a search warrant to seize hospital medical records pertaining to Woods’ insjury.

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